Thursday, March 29, 2007

JibJab JibJumps the shark

When the JibJab brothers first made a splash with their "This Land Is Your Land" Bush-Kerry web cartoon back in 2004, they were fresh, different, unexpected and funny. And when Jay Leno ran their video on The Tonight Show, he seemed to be riding the curve.

What a difference a few years makes. We're used to dead air and groaners on Leno, but last night's debut of JibJab's "What We Call The News" had us wishing for one of those Tom Green travelogues-- or maybe another Richard Jeni tribute. Finger-in-the-chili, Scott Peterson, George-Bush-can't-open-the-door and Geraldo jokes? Real current and cutting edge-- in 2005, maybe.

Set to "The Battle Hymn of The Republic"? These guys are turning into regular Mark Russells.

Even the Today show only showed a few seconds of the clip this morning-- and they have three hours to fill. We bet Leno and company regret getting hooked into that contract.

Check out JibJab and their diminishing returns here.

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