Thursday, March 01, 2007

American Idol: Did Antonella blow it?

No apology. No outrage. No explanation. There was no mention at all of the Antonella Barba's sexy photo scandal on American Idol last night. Antonella wore a sexy print mini dress, massacred a Celine Dion song that she dedicated to her brother, wiggled her butt and even made a nasty, misguided comment to Simon Cowell after he criticized her mewlings.

Antonella did not, as expected, address the toilet/topless/lesbian photos that have spread through the Internet and spilled over into the mainstream. Nor did she apologize for photos showing her posing provocatively at a national war memorial-- though there is a rising anger about that.

Instead, she snapped at Cowell, accusing him of kicking Jennifer Hudson out of the competition. Simon reminded her that it was the voters who did that. In another world, Antonella might well be singing her goodbye tonight, because based on her performance, she'd stand a good chance of being eliminated. But based on her popularity, don't count on it (unless Idol does its magic with the phone calls).

Funniest was the taped introduction to her song, which included many snapshots of Antonella and her brother. We expected to see some of those topless numbers pop up.

(Have you forgotten or not seen the photos that caused Antonella Barba to become a sensation, and to have Hugh Hefner say there's a good possibility she could show up in his Playboy magazine?

(See them here. And remember: They're NSFW-- not safe for work!)

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