Monday, June 01, 2009

Farrah Fawcett's business partner and college beau fights visit ban by inundating Ryan O'Neal with Farrah fans' cards and letters

As the Farrah Fawcett cancer plays out behind closed doors in a Beverly Hills area high-rise, one of her lifelong friends who’ve been denied access to her is striking back at her caretakers in a most unusual way.

In an action that brings to mind the scene in Miracle on 34th Street in which a judge is buried beneath sacks of letters to Kris Kringle, Greg Lott (above, with Farrah in 1999, below with Farrah at a Houston wedding in 2001) is directing Farrah fans’ cards, letters and packages to be sent to her apartment, so her longtime, on-again-off-again lover Ryan O’Neal can be “up to his neck” in them.

We’ve written about Greg Lott. He was Farrah’s football hero sweetheart in college forty-four years ago, gone down in tabloid legend as the man who lost her to Hollywood and Lee Majors, but who re-entered life in 1997 after she announced her split from lover Ryan O’Neal.

Lott is partners with Farrah in a company called Relentless, which runs her official website and the merchandising that goes along with it. Lott says the site has been getting thousands of letters that are stacking up in plastic boxes at the Relentless post office box in Lubbock, Texas, so he's having the mail forwarded to Farrah's home.

Lott, who claims that he his regular access to Farrah has been cut off since Ryan O’Neal moved in around Easter, has also posted Farrahs’ home address on the website and asked fans from around the world to send their cards, letters and packages to her very unit.

“All the fans know Farrah’s address,” Lott said this afternoon. “TVLand put the address on the air and on their website when they ran the Chasing Farrah show. A lot of her mail is already going there. You know Ryan O’Neal is already going through it, He’s looking for the letters addresed to him and the ones postmarked Texas, which he knows are from me.

“I just thought, 'Why not put it all the way up to his neck?'”

O’Neal, his business manager and Farrah’s friend Alana Stewart are being sued by Farrah’s documentary filmmaking partner. Craig Nevius claims the trio unlawfully took control of the cancer documentary project he and Farrah were producing, turning it into a morbid soap opera, assembled with NBC News, called “Farrah’s Story.”

TabloidBaby.com has learned that key evidence in the suit will be a contested signature on the document Farrah supposedly signed in giving control to O’Neal.

Lott, a Texas businessman, has been in Los Angeles since Easter, holding a vigil of sorts, waiting out his ban on seeing his true love and vowing to remain in town as long as Farrah is alive.

“She’s relentless all right,” he said. "She's a fighter. I have three friends from the University of Texas football team. They called this weekend to cheer me up, and they said, ‘Don’t you remember, if she was a man she'd have made our team!?'

"I’m telling you man: she’s tough. She’s not ready to go."


Anonymous said...

WELL DONE, Mr. Greg Lott!!! You go man!!! A lot of Farrah Fawcett fans are standing by your side, and as Farrah would say, "FIGHT THE FIGHT!!!"

Why you never married Farrah, I'll never know! You truly seem to love her! But hey, I always thought Farrah and Mr. Lee Majors made a fine couple, as well, UNTIL that snake O'Neal back stabbed his 'best friend (Mr. Majors)' and screwed it up on them!

Farrah needs major protection during this difficult time. Her illness has left her very vunerable against the 'snakes' that are crawling around her! She is terribly being taken advantage of, even 'raped', by these evil doers.

Something is NOT RIGHT with Farrah's 'so called friends'. Farrah needs more people like Mr. Greg Lott, and Mr. Craig Nevious to help look out for her well being!

This article mentioned "Miracle on 34th Street" ... now I only pray that there will be a Miracle at 10580 Wilshire Boulevard!

God Bless You Always, Dear Ms. Farrah Fawcett!

You are in my thoughts and prayers, constantly!


Anonymous said...

If Farrah didn't marry by now, it looks pretty bad for Ryan to push for it. Like money-hungry.

Nikki said...

Mr.Lott, please don't give up, Farah needs someone who really does care and loves her, not that monster Ryan who is out for himself and always has been, he is just that a has been and trying to live on Farah's precious name, I hope and pray our "Angel" does indeed get her "miracle" she is so precious, I am happy to know she has someone like you there for her, who is a true friend and not out for themselves. God Bless You, your an amazing man, I am praying for you May God Give you the strength you need to get through this I am sure you are in alot of pain. Fight the fight as someonelse said, Farah knows you are there, I believe this and when she can she will ask for you and put Ryan in his place which will hopefully be the street, if he were any kind of a man, he would be with his son in rehab not living of off Farah's name.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed on Farrah's website the latest news? Whoever is running the website, (being Lott or Craig), are now asking for fans to 'HELP PAY FOR FARRAH'S MEDICAL EXPENSES'!!!

I'm sorry, BUT this doesn't sound right AT ALL!!!!!

What? Farrah's broke now??? OR are people trying to make a profit off of her with the excuse of her illness??

I don't know, BUT I was supporting Craig and Lott these past few months, BUT this has got me questioning them! It doesn't mean that Ryan O'Neal or Alana Stewart are 'off the hook' with me. I still don't trust them!

So I'm urging fans DO NOT TRUST ANYONE OF THESE PEOPLE .... SOMETHING DOESN'T SEEM RIGHT! I now think that fans are being taken advantage of!


Anonymous said...

Is Greg Lott in contact with her father? Ryan and Farrah are not legally married,so therefore he can only do so much unless another document was forged or a sedated farrah may have signed not knowing what she signed.Farrah's dad and Greg should team up and get her out her there.

Anonymous said...

Greg Lott (Conviced Felon), a legend in his own mind.
He will do anything to ride Farah's coattails of fame for his 15 minutes of fame???