Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cops release Danny Gans report & 911 tape

Thanks to the persistence of TabloidBaby.com correspondent on the scene, police in Henderson, Nevada have released the incident report and 911 tape from the morning of May 1st, when paramedics were called to his home to find Las Vegas superstar Danny Gans dead of what would be revealed as an overdose of the powerful opiate Dilaudid.

According to the five page report written by Detective Chad Mitchell, Gans' wife Julia said her husband had been asleep since the afternoon of May 31st.

At about 6 pm, she asked her son to awaken Gans, but that he decided not to wake him up because he was snoring.

Four hours later she went to the master bedroom and found Gans asleep in bed-- lying on his back with his feet slightly elevated. Gans was still snoring. Julia Gans said she thought nothing of it because he often snored when he slept.

She said she awoke at 3:40 am and realized he wasn't snoring.

The report says Julia Gans couldn't tell if he was breathing or if he had a pulse. She called 911 and was given instructions on how to administer CPR. She pulled Gans off the bed, put him on the floor and performed CPR until Henderson police arrived.

Danny Gans was dead.

Julia Gans told Henderson Police investigators that at the direction of the police she had gathered and placed all of her husband's medications so they could be examined.

Henderson Police collected the evidence she gave them, and according to the report, noted "nothing remarkable" about the number of pills that were found and counted.

Coroner's investigators examined Gans' body and noticed that his faced was swollen and red. They found nothing during the examination that suggested foul play.

Police also released the 911 tape in which Julia Gans calls the dispatcher and says she can't tell if her husband is breathing.

While the local Las Vegas news media has willfully ignored, underplayed and failed to pursue leads in the story, we revealed on Monday that the Henderson Police had not closed the books on the Gans case, despite the controversial and incomplete conclusion (accidental "toxic reaction") from the Clark County Coroner on June 9th.

Today, Henderson Police say the Danny Gans case is closed.




Anonymous said...

Ummmm...he died of an OD from a prescription narcotic drug, for which he had no prescription. Case closed?

Where did he get the drugs?

Anonymous said...

I find it odd in the 911 call that the wife is clearly talking directly into the phone (not on speaker)-- how was she able to do that while using both hands to do chest compression? Couldn't hear any of the children's voices or the son's when they were moving him from the bed to the floor but you can hear her direct in the phone when she is compressing with both hands - huh?? No background voices, no emotion, very odd.

Anonymous said...

I know people respond differently to a crisis, but honestly, could she sound any more bored or like this was routine?

Anonymous said...

You mean that the Gans death gets a pass on drug enablers, unlike Michael Jackson ? Wow, the Vegas Press and Police really CAN be bought off by casino owners ! In the wake of the Michael Jackson death, they are going after the drug "enablers" or "drug peddler" that surrounded Michael and caused his death. This is a manslaughter charge in any state...except,apparently, in Nevada. Word is, his manager or drummer/"boyfriend" might be implicated. It is a disgrace that this case is not being investigated.