Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rumor Rat is latest influential media source to focus on Las Vegas news media's attempt to cover up Danny Gans overdose

They won't admit it in the newsrooms and corporate boardrooms of Las Vegas, but people are paying rapt attention to our coverage of the death and post mortem coverup of the life of Danny Gans, the evangelical Christian headliner who died from an overdose of the powerful opiate Dilaudid.

If it were up to Tom "McCloud" Mitchell, editor of the sinking Las Vegas Review-Journal, fellow journalists would follow the lead of Gans' tragic family and leave the details of his drug use and secret life a closed book.

Steve Friess (left), the local New York Times stringer and comp queen, would have us believe that an investigation into the details of a life that one prominent Las Vegas journalist now calls "a fabric of lies" is somehow not fit to be printed.

But people are paying attention: powerful people far beyond Clark County who are looking at the players in Las Vegas and shaking their heads. The Hollywood Reporter's Ray Richmond was the first to point it out on his essential Man Bites Tinseltown site.

The latest resource spreading the news about Danny Gans and what the Las Vegas news media is not reporting is Rumor Rat, the entertainment news and gossip site that caused immediate shockwaves when it suddenly appeared a few weeks ago with shots across the bows of Perez Hilton and the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com.

Writes the Rat:

"There's an interesting story that's, oddly, NOT surfacing in Las Vegas, but which seems to have a great deal of journalistic merit.

"Apparently entertainer Danny Gans, one of few Sin City entertainers with a squeaky-clean family image, had been hooked on pain killers for years prior to his death.

"Despite this, his overdose is being portrayed in the local Las Vegas media as a freak accident of sorts...

"But the website Tabloid Baby is reporting that Gans had recently been seeking medical treatment for hearing loss - the kind of hearing loss suffered by Rush Limbaugh and others as a result of chronic Vicodin and/or Oxycontin use.

"Tabloid Baby has been on top of this story since news of Danny's death first broke, and the webber's account of what's not being reported by the Las Vegas press is an eye-opening read."

There is one Las Vegas newssite that's been fearless in its reporting of the Danny Gans case. We'll have their story next.

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Anonymous said...

The Secret Life of Danny Gans

In the Las Vegas world of entertainment, it was common knowledge that for years, Danny Gans was a “pill popper”. The kind of pills that adversely affect your heart. It was also widely known that these ‘pills’ were routinely given to him by *** and ***.

The secret life of Danny Gans was not much of a secret amongst the world of entertainers. It was also not a secret that Gans wildly exaggerated his income many times over. That must have infuriated Casino management regarding their ability to negotiate contracts with nationally known celebrities.

My question is, because of all the conflict in his life, I keep hearing that the death of Danny Gans might possibly have been a homicide or even a suicide ? I hear that police are currently investigating that possibility. Do you know anything more about this ?

Las Vegas