Monday, June 22, 2009


"The Danny Gans case is still an open investigation."

A spokesman for the Henderson, Nevada Police Department told a TabloidBaby.com producer this afternoon that the investigation into the Dilaudid overdose death of the Las Vegas strip superstar has not yet been closed, despite the "acidental" tag plaxced on Gans' May 1st demise by the Clark County Coroner.

Our man on the ground in Clark County visited the police headquarters on Water Street in hopes of getting hold of the police incident report that's been held from public view since Gans' untimely death at his home on Ricota Court in the Roma Hills estates. It was then that he was told the case is "still an open investigation."

The police report was again withheld.

The lead detective, the police spokesman said, is "on vacation." Whether he's been away the thirteen days since the Coroner and Las Vegas news media closed their books on the case, or is investigating other leads into how the supposedly clean-living, athletic Born Again Christian showman wound up dying from too much "drug store heroin" remains to be seen.

The bigger question is why no one in the Las Vegas news media has gone after the police and paramedic incident reports or questioned why the death is still open thirteen days after it was supposedly officially deemed "accidental."

Danny Gans photo: Leila Navidi/Las Vegas Sun

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