Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dr. Ruehl remembers Ed McMahon

Our fondest personal memory of the great Ed McMahon is, of course, from the Jerry Labor Day Telethons. Ed was always there for Jerry, filling in on the hours when Jerry wasn't well, leading into those toteboard tallies with all the enthusiasm they deserved.

Backstage, the big Marine kept to himself, tucked away in his dressing room to emerge for his parts. We remember the afternoon the biggest, most fully-stocked rolling service carts of booze was rolled to his room, enough juice to keep the big man oiled for the entire weekend binge.

Tabloid Baby pal, contributor, columnist and TV, movie and music video star Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D., who now does his columns for his own website, Mysteries from Beyond The Other Dominion, does us one better. he as a costar in Ed Mcmahon's final work, a couple of comedy rap videos for a credit report company.

Dr. Ruehl filled us in on his experiences. Now, in this exclusive piece, he offers this memory of his pal, Ed McMahon:

My Fond Memory
of Working with Ed McMahon
on His Last Project

I am saddened by the dire news of Ed McMahon's death. I worked with Ed on his 'Gangsta Rap' video a few months ago (September 13,2008) and he appeared to be in excellent health! He was energetic and cordial, shaking hands with everyone on the set, and doing retakes like a pro!

He only asked, when we were dancing in a motel room, that we try to avoid bumping into him as he did not want another fall, having recovered from a previous accident.

I consider it a high honor that I was able to work with him on his last project.

In the "Gangsta Rap" video, I am seen with my repent sign and raccoon hat 38-42 secs into it, and at the very end 55-56 sec in a pirate hat dancing with others in Ed's motel room:


May the Power of the Cosmos be with You, Ed, wherever you may now be!

Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D.

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