Monday, June 08, 2009

Upstart gossip site notices how TMZ bows to our criticism of its dangerous, offensive auto-asphyxiation primer

In one of our recent mentions of the latest offense perpetrated by the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com and its shaved bronzed midget frontman, the television attorney and tabloid pretender Harvey Levin, we acknowledged frisky newcomer Hollywood Rumor Rat, and today Rumor Rat responded in kind:

"There’s a behind the scenes battle a-brewing in the online world of tabloid journalism. The proprietors of www.tabloidbaby.com are going after TMZ with a vengeance over recent reports regarding the untimely death of actor David Carradine. Yesterday, Tabloid Baby took a few jabs at TMZ honcho Harvey Levin ('the shaved bronze midget,' as TB refers to him) and his staff, over their 'obviously first-hand step-by-step guide to auto-erotic asphyxiation.' Ouch! That was yesterday – Sunday. Today – by sheer coincidence, we’re certain – TMZ is now attributing it’s how-to guide to a 'scientific expert.'

"Surely nobody on the TMZ staff would have knowledge of the masturbatory pleasures of depriving one’s self of oxygen at just the right moment, right? The Big Cheese is certain that giant TMZ would like to make it seem as though it's brushing off the barbs of a pesky little website.

"Fact is, the man who brings us Tabloid Baby is one of the brains behind modern tabloid journalism. You can bet that on some level, Harvey Levin is taking all of his criticisms very seriously."

Huzzahs to Rumor Rat. A few clarifications:

* This is no war. TabloidBaby.com is world-renown as the premier critic of TMZ.

* TMZ has never brushed off any of our barbs, and its corporate overlords have responded to each of our criticisms, as they did in the case of the Carradine offense.

* Shaved bronzed midget TMZ frontman Harvey Levin takes ALL of our criticisms very seriously, for he is our dog.

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Anonymous said...

yup. keep telling yourself you matter despite all evidence to the contrary!!!