Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Las Vegas is losing its Trader Vic's

The Las Vegas outpost of Trader Vic's is closing.

Word's been spreading all day on Twitter that the bright upscale, reincarnated and reinterpreted 21st century version of the dark Tiki classic is set to shutter within 24 hours, but all that's been confirmed is that the eatery and drinkery-- and a Vegas office of the TabloidBaby.com newsteam-- is closing.

Trader Vic's would seem a natural for the Vegas crowd, but with its location at the end of the Miracle Mile shopping mall and its decor a far cry from the dark, exotic Tiki classicism of the original, the place really was a bit pricey for the crowd dripping in from the Planet Hollywood slots.

Trader Vic's opened in Vegas in 2007, one of many franchises around the world. Coincidentally, official word came today that the Los Angeles Trader Vic's is up and running at the LA Live-Staples Center complex downtown. We suggest the Marina and raise a Mai Tai and crab rangoon in memory of the Vegas Vic's.

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