Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Friends brawl, networks in deathmatch as Farrah slips away...

Friends of Farrah Fawcett tell us her passing is near. Her doctors confirm the sad inevitability. And as the brave, beautiful blonde takes her final breaths, the battles surrounding her are amped up amid the emotion and panic among her loved ones and those who want something from her alike. The friends and colleagues who've been kept away from Farrah since her longtime/sometimes lover Ryan O'Neal moved in and took over her affairs have taken to various websites and press releases with accusations that we can't repeat unless or until we or someone who's paid to do the work can prove them.

The most unseemly deathmatch is between the true Farrahcites, the network news buzzards who preach high standards yet grovel in the dirt as they ape the tabloid form in search of the next bug "get." Word tonight is that the good folks at NBC and NBC News are in an uproar that old Barbara Walters and her crew at ABC's 20/20 hijacked the sequel to their high-rating tabloid special "Farrah's Story" for ABC's own "Love Story," set to air Friday night and getting a lot of play for Ryan O'Neal's jocular announcement that he plans to marry Farrah on her deathbed if "maybe we can just nod her head."

Tonight we hear that NBC's biggest fear is that Farrah will pass away in the next 48 hours, leading to giant ratings for ABC. So NBC plans to counter-program with three primetime hours of Farrah Fawcett on Friday night, rerunning "Farrah's Story," the maudlin, morbid tale helmed by and starring Ryan O'Neal, followed by a "special" one-hour retrospective on Farrah's life hosted by Meredith Vieira.

This is not tribute. This is not homage to a princess. One insider tells TabloidBaby what it is: "NBC is looking to crush ABC."

"Farrah's Story," you'll remember, was a two-hour recut of the cancer journal documentary Farrah had produced with producer Craig Nevius. But as her condition worsened, O'Neal took over not only her affairs but the doco, pushing Nevius aside (Nevius sued), and with the help of the heavy hands at NBC Dateline, turning Farrah's story into Ryan's real-life Love Story.

Farrah's journals, we're told, are being turned into a book by Alana Stewart, her friend who helped film much of Farrah's treatment at cancer clinics in Germany, and who later sided with O'Neal in the doco heist after demanding a fat payoff for her work. The book, we're told will be announced after Farrah's passing, "for maximum effect."

April 2nd, 2009:

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Anonymous said...

This is SO SAD!!! I NEVER thought Ms. Farrah Fawcett's life would end like this! It's terribly heartbreaking for me! This said, in comfort, Ms. Fawcett will at least GET RID of all the 'outside cancer' she is surrounded with, whom have been taking advantage of her throughout her fame. This 'outside cancer' is WORSE than her actual internal cancer, for it is more painful to be deceived and exploited by people you love, than any other illness there is in this world!

I CAN NOT BELIEVE that there isn't ANYONE who is related to her, (even her father), who can't intervine and help Farrah rid of these maggots! By the way, did Farrah's sister, Diane, have any children?

I've read on another blog things which have CONFIRMED to me what I have been saying all along. It does not take any kind of 'degree' to see what is actually going on with Ms. Fawcett's 'so called friends' or their intentions!

As Farrah, I too believe in leaving things in God's hands, for as the saying goes ... "God does not like UGLY!" and I'm sure God will get these people when the time is right.

As for the book part, I assumed this is what is going to happen, and it's a positive for me, (for I'd be the first to purchase it! ... Been waiting for years for Farrah to release an autobiography ... but at least this is the closest there will ever be), BUT I would think that it would be HEAVILY EDITED if Alana Stewart is in charge of this! I'm sure, as with the documentary, only words of her and Ryan's liking will be printed, as the documentary was! I HOPE that she nor anyone else will get a dime out of this book and all proceeds will go towards Cancer Research or any other institution. I am guessing that is what is going to be said, BUT I DOUBT they will see 1 cent from it! And it will all go into Alana's and Ryan's greedy pockets! I'm hoping Tatum O'Neal will release a TRUE book and expose her loving father, as she did in her EXCELLENT autobiography!

I hope Ms. Farrah Fawcett's passing will be peaceful, and I hope God grants her the eternal life His Son promised us, in heaven, where she will FINALLY get her REAL Angel wings! I LOVE YOU Ms. Fawcett, and always will! You will be truly, terribly MISSED! GOD BLESS YOU!


Isn't it so ironic that Farrah's parents lived to be over 90 (her father is still living God Bless him), and Farrah and her sister both didn't live such a long life!?