Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson died without his nose

Entertainment Tonight is running and distributing what's billed as Michael Jackson's final photo, which is slightly misleading as it depicts Jacko's lifeless corpse being wheeled into UCLA Medical Center. A study of the photo reveals one detail that's yet to be commented on: Michael Jackson is missing the tip of his nose.

With his many plastic surgeries, Jacko did much damage to the cartilege in his nose and was rumoured to use putty or a prosthetic to replace the destroyed end of his schnozz (in fact, during a dance move in a 2001 concert in Madison Square Garden, Jacko supposedly flicked the nose tip into the second row).

It appears that the tip was lost as paramedics worked valiantly to get his heart started, perhaps in a kiss of life.


Karma’s Gonna Getcha said...

Lets not jump to conclusions here now I went and looked at the photo on ET and there is clearly a nose tip on that one. Are you sure this photo hasn't been "Altered"? Perhaps it's just the light and shadows playing tricks on your eyes.

Lets try and be a little respectful he was an enormous talent and although "Odd" he will be greatly missed

My best wishes and prayers go out to his family especially his young children.

RIP Michael

Anonymous said...

He was nothing more than a crazed
sick piece of shit!

Anonymous said...

You can say that again

Anonymous said...

You people are the sick and crazed. A mother and father have lost their child. Brothers and sisters have lost a brother. 3 children have lost their father. The world has lost an amazing entertainer. JUST BEAT IT YOU CRAZIES !

Anonymous said...

He slept with little boys!
Thats a great person?
Did he sleep with his monkey too?
He was a great entertainer all right but a low class good for nothing human?
Did he really do any good for humanity?

Anonymous said...

It i so sad dat MICHAEL JACKSON died the people love him and his family love him.R.I.P M.J and on ur birthday Agust the 29 we going 2get a ballon and on it,It goin 2 say hapy birthday MICHAEL JCKON and we lovve U and them fans that HATING on him need 2 be quiet because michael was a father 2 some of us that didnT HAVE a father and everybody knows that he was the king of pop. P.S. so who ever out there hating on MICHEL JACKSON JUST NEED 2 SIT DWN AND BE THANKFUL becaus he made mor albums then anyone

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

R.I.P. M.J

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

R.eally I.mportant P.edophile

Anonymous said...

good one ;)

Dr. Ed Domanskis said...

One of the dangers of too many nose surgeries to thin the nose is that the tip may "necrose" or die leaving disfigurement and scarring. The reason why Michael Jackson wore the mask was to "hide" this process which left him needing to use an artificial nose tip.

Anonymous said...

Sick bastard can rot in hell

Rach said...

R.I.P Michael you will be sadly missed my heart goes out to your family at this sad time you were a top guy love your music great dancer god bless you Rachel

Rach said...

Please just leave Michael alone to REST IN PEACE you people saying all bad untrue stuff about him those people have nothing better to do and no life than to make up stuff love you Michael Bless you MWAH

Anonymous said...

Let some creepy dude in his 40's that admittingly craves little boys
in his bed spend some time with your kids or grand kids.

Untrue? UNTRUE??? He invited COUNTLESS numbers of young
children into his bed and "sleepovers" with him and paid
20 MILLION dollars to one family and MILLIONS to others just to
drop charges...pay offs are a LOT more then "just opinions", as
you say.

........ An innocent person wouldn't pay one red cent under
accusations like that, never mind crazy amounts in the millions!

When you have to pay people off because of your poor judgment,
then you have a prob...MJ himself admitted he let that little boy
sleep naked in his bed and they often took showers together,
Naked??!!? Doesn't sound like a totally false lawsuit to me.
Sounds like somebody liked being around naked little boys,
ALOT! Ahhhhh... but he wasn't "convicted"...so that make
everything ALL BETTER.......

I will quit my end of this discussion now because I have nothing
to prove or defend. All I know is the world was just the tiniest bit
safer for children the morning of June 26th,2009

He was a disgusting self-mutilated monster and if being dead
washes away what he did to little boys than that's RIDICULOUS.

What's the difference between Walt Disney films and Michael Jackson?

Disney films can still touch little children...........

Michael Jackson RIP (Really Important Pedophile)

What is the difference between a grocery bag and Michael Jackson?

One is made of white plastic and is dangerous to children, and the other you carry groceries in.

What did Neverland Ranch and K-Mart have in common?

Little boys pants were always 1/2 off

Anonymous said...

Let it go haters....Michael was acquitted of all charges...guess you guys dont remember when jordie chandlers mother was exposed as an extortionist..after jc was asked by police to describe mjs dick he said mj was circumcised (he wasnt) and other details that he shouldve known.
we love you Michael
RIP xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

your words seem so eloquent, but the fact still remains.... the low life self mutilated pedophile paid MILLIONS upon MILLIONS to keep his sick azz out of jail. An innocent person PAYS OFF no one!

Rach said...

leave michael alone hes the best out their he was not odd or strange you sick people are let him rest in peace i know what im saying cause im his god daughter

Anonymous said...

A lot of truth to the fact of "Abused will go to all extents to protect their abuser"

God daughter.... AHAHAAHHaaa...there was nothing Holey about MJ beyond his rotted holey nose!

Anonymous said...

MJ was a sick puppy
The fact that we idolize him because he made good music is no reason to idolize a piece of shit that he was!

danphilgray3 said...

Wow! There's alot of "haters" on here over MJ's lifestyle and his public image. Was he odd & controversial..? ABSOLUTELY! Was the angered public perception of his legal acts valid? Well...YES! As a parent, I am --- and always was --- disturbed by the allegations against him.

But he was a tortured soul, one that I took more pity on than an approach of oddity because of his child-like mentality. I personally don't think he molested any children, but I do buy into the "sleep overs in the bed" bit. To him, it was like a gradeschool slumber party. He was a grown man who emotionally reverted to a childhood lost.

As far as the nose, I recall an interview with him years ago on ABC (I think it was conducted by Oprah) in which he removed the tip.

Say what you want about Michael Jackson, but one thing will stand the test of time...whether good or bad, right or wrong, he will remain a hot topic and an enigma in death just as he was in life.

Anonymous said...

Haha, "Monday, July 6, 2009 12:46:00 PM PDT anonymous" and the rest of jerks who wrote jokes here that seemed funny to you - Burn in Hell!!!
Nobody will care when you die, so relax! And begone!

Michael, rest in Peace.

Anonymous said...

MJ haters always write as anonymous!))'Cause they're all jerks and fuc***ng cowards!

Anonymous said...

The man is died and still they want to sell more and get richer on a dead man's body, shame on you and I hope the story writer get the same shit stories when you die.

Get a life better than these shameful stories and respect the dead

RIP Michael

Anonymous said...

MJ was, is and will always be a creepy pedophile.

NOTHING he did or no matter how great anyone thinks he was will change that fact.

The 3 kids that were supposedly his aren't even his...he even had another man donate the sperm...AHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!

There is no excuse or place on this earth for creatures like him. He deserved to be erased from the planet.......too bad it wasn't SOONER!

Anonymous said...

you people should just shuddup about insulting him. carn your just leave him alone. he had suffered enough. your should just go and get a life and if you dont, your can jump down the building.

Anonymous said...

Would that be the same building he hung the baby out of by it's ankles?

You're correct in one thing
R.eally I.mportant P.edophile

Anonymous said...

i bet you had no life thats why you say that. well he already admitted that he was wrong when he hung the baby ok. so can people like YOU just leave him in peace???