Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Danny Gans update from the only news source in Las Vegas that's brave enough to investigate and cover the story

Its lax, deceptive and misleading coverage of the death of Danny Gans and the revelations that followed has revealed the Las Vegas, Nevada news media to be pathetic, corrupt, obviously in the pocket of casino, hotel and development interests, in breach of its assumed contract of trust with its readers, viewers and listeners, and unable to recognize a great story if it bit them on their collective fat, penny-slot sitting ass.

That being said, one Las Vegas-based journalist has stood out for his bravery, unflinching honesty and journalistic integrity. That the author of Down Charleston Blvd. is an anonymous blogger (and very well may be a she) who runs what is putatively an entertainment site says more about the future of journalism than the incompetence and arrogance of the lazy old guard.

In its latest update on what it stands alone in town as calling the “Danny Gans overdose,” DCB includes these insights and news items:

“…Let’s call it for what it really is – an overdose

"Clark County Coroner Mike Murphy’s ‘Death was accidental’ + ‘No signs of drug abuse’ have little to no merit. Being that key details have not been released and will most likely never be released (Gans’ Family would have to authorize it) secondly, Murphy has been receiving a lot of skepticism and criticism from many in the medical community... Some have privately questioned his experience and credentials…”

“Another physician that was feeling the burn was Gans’ physician Dr. Michael Fishell. Knowing his name was quickly circulating after the coroner’s results were released… he quickly spoke with the Review Journal making clear that the only time he prescribed Gans’ hydromorphone was 5 years ago… and… that none of Gans’ other physicians in California or Nevada had prescribed him hydromorphone.
This pretty much dismisses the possibility of a malpractice issue but this also verifies… Gans did not have a prescription for hydromorphone.

“Gans has been addicted to Hydromorphone for over 5 years

“A reliable source tells us that Gans became addicted around the time he first received the prescription for hydromorphone….

“Our source did say that very few people knew Gans was even taking it, let alone continuing to take it for so long.

“As far as other drugs – our source says that Gans’ did dabble with steroids on and off – which started way back in his baseball playing days.
He also used and tried various pain meds, typically in the synthetic opiate family…

“How and Where did Gans get the dillies (hydromorphone)

“Our source was not a 100% certain on this, but with compiled details from all of our sources there are two possibilities. One being a close trusted associate of Gans… and this person most likely did not associate with Gans’ other friends. The second possible and more likely person would be Gans’ manager Chip Lightman... Lightman’s comments since Gans death, as well as comments from so-called friends of Gans have drawn criticism and speculation that Lightman is still playing PR Guy even after his client’s death and the so-called friends were obviously not very close since they had no idea that Gans was taking scripts...

“The Signs Gans was using

“Our source pointed that when Gans would tell reporters and friends about taking a Tylenol or a Motrin that those were Gans’ ‘code words’…

“Is there anything to Dr. Michael Fishell’s speculation that Gans may have taken what was left of the prescription of hydromorphone/Dilaud he prescribed Gans in ‘04-’05?

“Not likely, unless Gans had a good amount of pills left and took a lot of them all at once or within a very short period of time.

“What about Gans not using Dilaud or other pain meds because of his voice being affected?

“…Now, there have been celebs who have abused pain meds before, some of these people rely heavily on their voice. Whether they are singers, rappers, or host a radio show – yet where is the loss in their voice?

“Will Gans’ Family Ever Consent To Releasing The Report?

“The chances would be higher if there was a doctor involved in prescribing the meds because the family would likely want justice for the doctor’s malpractice. From what we have gathered, giving consent to release the results would only further tarnish Gans’ image because it is likely it would show other drugs… or… show Gans did have drug abuse problems…”

"Is The Review Journal Covering Up The Gans Story?

"A friend, and Review Journal employee has informed me that the RJ has been extremely reluctant to talk about Gans. They want to story to be gone as soon as possible. As also reported by Tabloid Baby The Review Journal has gone out of it’s way to bury details, not report specific facts, and rarely ask questions…

“What you wont hear about from the RJ is the many letters, emails, and comments they have received whether phoned in or posted on their website (and then deleted)
What are readers complaining about?
 They want to know whats going on with the death of Danny Gans.

“The sad thing is that if Gans truly did have an addiction problem he could have got help. Although our source said that they were not aware of Gans discussing his problem with anyone in his church or his family – some now speculate that he was too afraid that going to anyone or even going public would absolutely ruin him.”

“The public’s perception of Gans has turned dark...”

If this sort of information was available in the lamestream Las Vegas media, there would be no reason for us to shine this uncomfortably bright spotlight. As it stands, the powerful paid journos of Las Vegas should read Down Charleston Boulevard and then throw their press credentials into the Bellagio fountain.

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