Sunday, June 07, 2009

Danny Gans shows up in The Hangover

The late Danny Gans makes a cameo appearance of sorts in this weekend's #1 box office attraction, The Hangover. The Las Vegas Strip headliner shows up near the end of the movie about three guys who lose their buddy on a Las Vegas bachelor's party bender. In a daytime scene on the rootop of Caesars Palace, Gans' name and image can be seen clearly on the giant marquee for the Mirage Casino Resort next door, where he'd reigned for years before moving his musical impressionist act over the road to Steve Wynn's Encore. Gans does not appear physically in the film, as do a couple of other showmen synonymous with the town in a hiliarious-- and surprisingly hardcore-- stills sequence during the credits.

The film was shot in Vegas last year. Danny Gans died in his home on May 1st, of still-undetermined causes.

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