Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coroner's Dilaudid finding confirms our report that the Las Vegas news media was covering up what they knew about the life and death of Danny Gans

Leila Navidi/Las Vegas Sun

"'The scuttlebutt in the Review-Journal
is that Danny Gans was
addicted to painkillers.
The editors
and writers all know about it,"
one source who has
credentials in the Las Vegas media.

"Why aren't they reporting it or
investigating it?
You know this town.'"
--TabloidBaby.com, May 13th, 2009

The media post mortems following the announcement of Las Vegas superstar Danny Gans' cause of death has only begun, but word that the supposedly clean-living musical impressionist died from a reaction to the powerful opiate Dilaudid confirms our reports that the Las Vegas news media was covering up what it knew about Gans' life, habits and cause of his untimely demise on May 1st.

We reported on May 13th:

"LAS VEGAS -- Call it 'The Danny Gans death coverup.'

"Sources close to the newsroom of the Las Vegas Review-Journal tell TabloidBaby.com tonight that editors and reporters at the newspaper have information that leads them to believe they know what killed the superstar headliner at 52, but they refuse to report or investigate the case-- or even address the speculation and rumors that have spread through this city like bad luck since Gans' manager acknowledged them over the weekend.

"'The scuttlebutt in the Review-Journal newsroom is that Danny Gans was addicted to painkillers. The editors and writers all know about it," says one source who has impeccable credentials in the Las Vegas media. 'Why aren't they reporting it or investigating it? You know this town.'"

"...A separate source tells TabloidBaby.com that paramedics who arrived to find Gans dead in his bedroom in the early hours of May 1st also 'found numerous prescription bottles around the bed.'"

In a carefully-worded and somewhat misleading statement that was crafted with utmost sensitivity to Gans' family, bosses and insurance concerns (especially with the word "accidental") the coroner refused to address whether steroids or other prescription drugs were found in Gans' system.

The reasons behind the media coverup, including the active disinformation campaign by Gans' close friend, beauty queen-turned-TV entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs and her executive producer's partner in an unrecognized same-sex marriage, Vegas writer and comp queen Steve Friess (left), will be explored in the days to come.


R-J Guy said...

Just heard steve friess on knpr discussing the gans case. it's clear you've had absolutely no impact on him or his reputation or this story at all. (hell, you couldn't even be bothered to attend the press conference because you're too afraid to face these people in person and actually doing some JOURNALISM is much harder than this crap that you write.) he's the one who asked the tough questions at the news conference but also keeps the perspective on what's important here and what's not. sorry you're such a loser, but after all these thousands of words, you've made completely and totally no impact other than to annoy a few people here and there. And the funny thing is, you've had the odd effect of making people who didn't like Steve in the first place line up to support the guy, particularly with your obvious gay hate. Congrats on accomplishing THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what you set out to do!

R-J Guy said...

First of all, that was not the R-J Guy, that was gay Steve Friess who wrote that last comment.

I AM THE R-J GUY and I say thank you Tabloid Baby for keeping up the heat on those corrupt Las Vegas losers!

You were right all along!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

It's about time to admit that Tabloid Baby has totally kicked ass on this story.

And now we have to hear from R-J guy - one of those intrepid reporters who actually believes that "journalism" happens at press conferences - which is a good reason why "journalism" is all but dead in this country.

Good job by TB. You may have rocked more more boats on this story than we will ever know. Please continue to stay away from press conferences. They rot your brain.

R-J Guy said...

Wow. What's it feel like to be such a loser that you have to post comments on your own blog pretending to be other people in order to have even the appearance of support? That's just sad, man. It's not even a matter of the fact that everyone can tell. It's the fact that you sit there in your little basement and do it over and over again and never stop to say, "Holy crap, I have no life, no audience, no integrity!" That's a pretty impressive level of fucked up.

(Cue more predictable "that's not R-J Guy, I'm R-J Guy" posts written by a TabloidBlabby "team" that does NOT EXIST.)

R-J Guy said...

To set the record straight,
The fake R-J Guys is gay Steve Friess.
I applaud TB.
They cut through the bullshit and didn't wait for a press conference.

R-J Guy said...

Thanks for proving your predictability and confirming what a loser you are.

R-J Guy said...

Why so obsessed with Steve's gayness, Blabby? You say "gay" every time. Hidin something? Want something up your butt? Maybe Steve Friess? Jealous of Myles?

Jody in LA said...

I don't know who any of these characters are - Freiss, RJ Guy, Myles. Sounds like you all know each other.

I'm just regular Vegas visitor from LA who found this blog by googling "Danny Gans" after he died, because I wanted to see what the cause of his death was - and it seemed odd that there was not a lot of info out there - nothing hinting at what could have happened, no questions asked. It seemed odd. This little blog seemed to be the only one throwing the questions out there when mainstream media wasn't. Good for whoever is running this blog.

Anyway, it's a sad story and such a waste. I feel sorry for his family, friends, co-workers. I'm glad I got a chance to see him years ago at the Mirage.

Tabloid Baby Is A Loser said...

Sorry, Blabby, you're busted again. Googling "Danny Gans" doesn't bring up this pathetic site, at least not within the first 1,000 entries. So, of course, Jody in LA is another invention. So sad. When every single compliment on your site is written by you, you know you're an honest to goodness loser.

R-J Guy said...

Thank you, PHONY R-J Guy for now calling yourself Tabloid Baby Is A Loser.

Because I AM THE R-J GUY and the REAL R-J GUY supports thanks and luvs Tabloid Baby.

And the REAL R-J GUY is NOT Tabloid Baby.

(I AM gay, by the way, so I don't understand the FAKE R-J Guy's panic).


And no I'm not jealous of Miles.

I'm no chubby chaser!

Jody in LA...(really) said...

Hey Loser, I guess you've never used the Google news function.

Fact is that I did find this site via Google. A few weeks ago I entered Danny Gans and hit the "news" function on the upper left hand corner. That pulls up the latest stories, blogs etc on the internet.

And I'm guessing due to the lack of coverage on this story (in other words, MSM in Vegas dropping the ball), this site must have come up pretty high for me to have found it.

What is really strange is the lightweight articles, even after the coroner's report. Hell, the coroner's report is odd. Adverse reaction? I guess that's one way to describe an OD. Sounds like it's tailored made for a big insurance claim. And dilaudid for chronic pain? I asked a friend of mine who is a Pharmacy Tech and he said that they almost never see scripts for it. In CA it requires a special prescription form in triplicate to get it. He said it is EXTREMELY strong - way more than vicodin or oxycodone, which are usually prescribed for serious chronic pain.

Then the doctor's statements about a 5 year old script and his searching of the NV and CA prescription database and findings of no script within 3 years - and he spills his guts about all this to the newspaper? Hello HIPPA?

Everything about this death and the coverage (or should I say coverup) is strange - very strange. We're supposed to believe that a multi-millionaire health fanatic - who wouldn't eat a spoon of yogurt or an egg 2 days past their expiration date - randomly took a 5 year old expired narcotic, that he just happened to keep on hand all these years in the medicine cabinet, and dropped dead.

All that's missing from this story is a clown car.