Thursday, June 04, 2009

"A must for Python fans!" Excitement builds for Neil Innes and The Seventh Python at the Wilmette Theatre

Excitement is building and tickets are reportedly selling at a rapid clip for the history-making Night of The Seventh Python at the historic Wilmette Theatre outside Chicago. For the first time, legendary musical satirist Neil Innes will perform live following a screening of The Seventh Python, the acclaimed, award-winning nonfiction musical film about his career, philosophy and influence, and the importance and significance of the event is being amplified by rave reviews and press throughout the Chicago area.

"When the film premiered at Grauman's Egyptian Theatre at the American Cinematheque's Mods & Rockers Film Festival, (festival curator) Martin Lewis had Neil there for a Q&A, and a special concert the following night. And while Neil's been on hand for other screenings, this is the first, and possibly only time the film will be followed by a concert by the real thing," said director Burt Kearns. "What makes it even more exciting is that this be the finale of Neil's US concert tour. This will be great!"

Great? The Chicago Sun-Times News Group agrees. Their wide-ranging suburban weeklies feature an interview and a three-star (we're assuming out of three) review of the film, to which we add exclamation points as we summarize:

3 stars

"In this... genial documentary...much is made of the surprising un-famousness of Neil Innes, an unofficial member of Monty Python (perhaps best remembered as the teasing minstrel in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"), with all of the surviving Pythons among those giving testimony regarding his remarkable talent!

"Its best service is providing the opportunity to appreciate Innes' musical career, beginning with the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and continuing with the Pythons (where a particularly brilliant side project was his score for the Beatles parody 'The Rutles'). Featuring live performances of charming tunes! There's also a nice recipe for Belgian Waffles in the credits! A must for Python fans!"

In the feature, The Seventh Python breaks his silence, Innes talks about the film and his illustrious carer under the radar. Here's a taste:

Q: What's your favorite moment in the film?

A: They (interview) someone on Hollywood Boulevard, who says, "You're making a documentary about a guy nobody's ever heard of." I'm rather unusual in show business as being a bit shy. If I could do all my work and not have to be made a fuss over, that would be nice.

Q: Are you writing new songs?

A: I've been working quietly at getting myself out of the mess I got myself into by not paying attention when I signed things. I'm happy to say that on Jan. 1, 2010, I get my publishing catalogue back. It frees me up to come out with the newer stuff I've been working on, because otherwise it was going to be swallowed up by white-collar multinational companies. So I will probably, at the unlikely age of 65, come out from behind my camouflage and say, "Hey, I'm ready for halftime at the Super Bowl!"

The Seventh Python screens Tuesday night June 9th at 7 pm the historic and hip Wilmette Theatre, 1122 Central Ave., in Wilmette, Illinois outside Chicago. The $25 ticket price includes a movie poster and details can be found at www.wilmettetheatre.com.

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