Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sad day

Michael Jackson

Oh, what a bad day this has turned out to be, and in the TabloidBaby world, the bad news comes in threes with genuine sadness over the death this morning of Farrah Fawcett, the release, due to our diligence, of the 911 tape of Danny Gans' wife calling in to report her husband wasn't breathing, and this afternoon, the bizarre news that Michael Jackson had dropped dead.

Danny Gans

In vast contrast to Gans' overdose death, the circumstances of Jacko untimely, if not entirely surprising, passing is already being combed for every detail, with reports of the paramedics' attempts to revive him and a family spokesman already shouting loud and clear that like Elvis before him, Jacko was abusing prescription drugs and being supplied with the killing medication by "everyone around him." Gans, who was as big a star as any in Las Vegas, should have gotten the same respect and treatment from his local media.

As for Jacko, whatever circus surrounds his death and funeral, he surely deserves and will appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Barbara Walters never bothered to get to the bottom of any of the muck stirred up by Ryan O'Neal; the real story is still waiting to be told. Thanks tabloidbaby for your efforts, because nobody else in the media really wants to take the time.

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