Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Farrah's funeral filmed for sequel

Camera crews filmed Farrah Fawcett's funeral in downtown Los Angeles this afternoon, apparently for the sequel to Ryan O'Neal's "Farrah's Story" television special that sadly had the same Hollywood ending as his "Love Story" movie forty years ago.

Tabloid Baby pal Brett Hudson (above, entering the cathedral), Farrah's "cancer buddy" when they both were treated at cancer clinics in Germany, met O'Neal at the reception following the services. O'Neal was overheard telling Hudson that he telling Hudson that he is "in the sequel" to Farrah's Story, and he recognized him from Farrah's original documentary journal that O'Neal took over and recut with NBC News after her health failed. Hudson was left on the cutting room floor.

O'Neal was heard telling Hudson that he is "in the sequel."

Hudson, of Frozen Pictures, is in production on a nonfiction film and documentary project about cancer, alternative treatments and the American medical system, called The Klinik. He announced last week that the project will be dedicated to Farrah and address the issues she wanted to hit in her own project.

** UPDATE: We've just realized that a staffer in the Tabloid Baby photo department erroneously substituted a photo of actor Ernie Hudson for Brett Hudson. Brett did attend Farrah's funeral. Read his thoughts on his blog at The Klinik website.


Karma’s Gonna Getcha said...

Ummmmm that looks more like Ernie Hudson
Is Brett on the other side?????

Anonymous said...

As Brett said in his blog on The Klinik's site..."we will never, ever give up"....I will keep fighting, with Brett; for the rights of all Americans to be treated with complimentary and alternative treatments that could possibly save their lives. The stangle hold that the pharmacutical companies has on this nation and it's doctors is disgraceful.......and our voices will NOT be silenced...they WILL be heard in the halls of Congress and beyond.
Your army just waits for your insructions, Brett....

Angel Charlie said...

Is "The Klinik" and the Sequel to Farrah's Story going to merge into one project?

Mother of the year said...

Angel Charlie, I haven't read anything about them merging & I doubt they will.