Monday, June 01, 2009

Correction: The Globe is the tabloid that picked up our story about steroids being suspected in the death of Danny Gans

Tabloid Baby pal Perez Hilton tipped us to a report in the National Enquirer (NOTE: Our report's been corrected) that friends and others close to Las Vegas superstar Danny Gans say they believe his use of steroids weakened his heart and led to his untimely, mysterious death at age 52 one month ago. A stop in the supermarket over the weekend revealed that Perez got his tabs confused. It was The Globe, not the Enquirer, that ran with our story 28 days later, in their latest issue (below).

The Enquirer, through its RadarOnline.com Internet arm, got onto the story May 11th.

The local Las Vegas media offered no coverage of Danny Gans' still-unexplained death (though Norm Clarke chased a rumour that Garth Brooks is being courted/courting to take Gans' spot at the Encore) as the mystery enters its fifth week.


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