Thursday, June 25, 2009

She's gone

9 28 am at St John's Hospital in Santa Monica.

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Anonymous said...

The news hit me like an ARROW THROUGH MY HEART!!!! It was as if someone punched me in the heart!!

I'm SO SAD!!!

May God Bless Farrah Fawcett and keep her in His care! May she Rest In Peace, and pray for us, the ones she left behind.

NEVER have I ever felt this way about any other celebrity. Ms. Farrah Fawcett was one of a kind and a very special human being. She was TRULY an ANGEL! A BEAUTY!

I can only be HAPPY for the fact that she didn't get the chance to marry that SCUMBAG Ryan O'Neal. Why GOD chose her instead of him, I'll never know ... BUT as the saying goes "Only the GOOD die first"

I never had the opportunity to meet Ms. Fawcett in this life time (although I did see her in person), I'm hoping in the next life, I will be able to meet her.

Until then, Ms. Fawcett ... REST IN PEACE and GOD BLESS YOU! XXXXX