Saturday, June 06, 2009

Congratulations! "Hooker for Jesus" Annie Lobert gets married (by Danny Gans' pastor in Danny Gans' church)

Congratulations to Tabloid Baby pal Annie Lobert, who got married last night.

Annie was a star of The Michael Lohan Reality Project produced by our pals at Frozen Pictures. She was the woman who comes to Michael Lohan's hotel room and refuses to sit on the bed with him (below).

Annie married a guy named Oz Fox, who's a guitarist with the Christian rock group, Stryper.

Annie is a former Las Vegas call girl who turned her life over to Jesus Christ and started the organization, Hookers for Jesus, which tries to save women from the sex and slave trades. Annie often goes into the streets of Vegas to minister directly to the hookers. She is also a terrific, emotional evangelizing public speaker and a really warm, nice person.

Annie and Oz were married at The Church at South Las Vegas by evangelizing minister Benny Perez.

Tabloid Baby readers will recognize the church and preacher from our Danny Gans coverage. The Church at South Las Vegas was Danny Gans' church and Benny Perez was one of Danny Gans' pastors.

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