Thursday, June 04, 2009

Coroner is holding Danny Gans death results; once again, Gans' close friend Alicia Jacobs has the inside track on the information

Six weeks after the mysterious death of Las Vegas superstar Danny Gans, The Clark County Coroner is holding on to the toxicology report that could reveal what killed the musical impressionist-- and once again, the controversial beauty queen-turned-TV entertainment reporter who was Gans'close personal friend has the inside track on the information and how it will be revealed to the public.

Alicia Jacobs of local television station KVBC reported last night that "all of the key information has been compiled by the Coroner's Office.

"The coroner will likely release the manner and the cause of death for the legendary entertainer within a couple of weeks. Experts are currently sifting through the results from the standard scientific tests."

Jacobs broke the news of Danny Gans' sudden death at his home in Henderson, Nevada on May 1st. She also let on that she was informed of the tragedy by Gans' manager Chip Lightman "around 4 a.m.," which would have been within minutes of the time paramedics arrived at the home to declare Gans deceased.

Jacobs thrust herself into the story with her very first report, talking emotionally about a 13-year personal friendship with Gans and showing off a white Bible she said Gans had inscribed for her (in an exclusive interview with TabloidBaby.com, she denied that she and Gans had ever had an affair).

Her close relationship with Gans and his manager Chip Lightman led to criticism here, and later in the Las Vegas media, as it became more and more evident she and Lightman were "spinning" the information and clouding details of the mysterious death in an effort to protect Gans' image and legacy.

While rumours of steroid abuse spun beyond Vegas, the pair insisted that they had no inkling whatsoever of what may have struck down the 52-year-old clean-living, eggwhite-eating, teetotaling Born Again Christian athlete in his prime.

It was only after our interview with Jacobs, in which she repeated the claims and we pressed on the steroids issue, that she and Lightman did an about-face. Within 24 hours, the pair had given an exclusive to Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Norm Clarke, both claiming they'd known that Gans had been treated for high blood pressure and had a family history of heart problems.

The Jacobs-Gans connection got murkier after this site-- the only news organization to provide constant coverage and updates of this major story-- was attacked publicly by Vegas booster, writer, gay activist and comp queen Steve Friess (right) for asking questions or even covering the story. Friess' motivations came into focus when we revealed that he was in an unofficial same sex marriage with Miles Smith-- Jacobs'executive producer.

It should also be mentioned that the rest of the Las Vegas news media failed miserably in their responsibility to cover a story that had great social, spiritual, economic and historic impact on the city. No news organization investigated the circumstances or history of the paramedic responses to Gans mansion, the talk and rumours that have been flying all over town, or the many leads dangled in front of them.

And now, entering the sixth week of the mystery surrounding Gans' death, the information from the coroner's office is apparently again being directed through Alicia Jacobs.


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