Monday, May 11, 2009

Finally, the Danny Gans mystery is on the national Radar

Hours after the local Las Vegas news media finally took its first baby steps toward investigating the events surrounding the unexplained death of local headliner Danny Gans at 52, the national news media has followed TabloidBaby.com's lead in trying to find answers to the mystery.

Radar Online, the Internet arm of The National Enquirer, weighs in this afternoon with an exclusive report that's bound to be the first of many:

EXCLUSIVE: Danny Gans Autopsy “Inconclusive”

"Danny Gans, the renowned Las Vegas showman, died suddenly in his sleep on May 1 and the cause of the 52-year old’s death was unknown though he reportedly had trouble breathing. A family member told RadarOnline.com exclusively that the mystery surrounding Gans’ death continues after the autopsy was deemed 'inconclusive.'

“'Danny had high blood pressure along with a history of heart disease in his family,' the source added. The coroner’s office declined to comment when contacted. The autopsy report is expected to be released in the coming week after the toxicology tests are completed..."

This afternoon, Tabloid Baby editor Burt Kearns supported the competition enthusiastically. "We're glad the Radar and Enquirer team is on the case," he said. "We knew our colleagues and mates would get on board this story once they saw what we were up against."

The Radar Online report follows a column by Hollywood columnist Ray Richmond, supporting Tabloid Baby's exclusive reportage on the case in the face of attacks and threats from members of the Las Vegas news media.

"It's ironic," Kearns added. "The same folks who've been trying to stop us from getting to the bottom of the Danny Gans case are bound to be the same ones who'll be selling their stories and information behind the scenes."


Anonymous said...

hey! This isn't an exclusive. It was reported first over a week ago by...Steve Friess! Sorry, LOSER. Try again.


How's the big conspiracy workin' out for ya? Get any good "tips" lately? HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. Maybe Oscar Goodman's involved? Or Wayne Newton? Or the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders? You'll believe ANYTHING!!!

ddubbiedo said...

Anonymous? HA! More like Steve Friess posting behind a coward's mask I would bet! Come on Steve, get over your tantrum already. Tabloid Baby caught you with your pants down and so it's time to man up and just admit when you've been beaten in the journalism game. The truth will out and Tabloid Baby was there before you to tell it. So please be professional and stop these "anonymous" hit and run postings.

Anonymous said...

The cavalry has arrived to back the lone ranger.


Hey, I just saw this and I can assure you I didn't write the prior note, although I know who did and I've told her to stop.

I do, though, think it's pretty funny that "people" demanding one of my fans not be anonymous throw around words like 'coward' while, themselves, being anonymous! Hypocrisy has no shame, does it?

It is true that I broke the inconclusive autopsy story the day Danny died. It was easy to learn, you just call the coroner's office and they tell you. But that's no fun for heartless conspiracy kooks! But hey, nobody expects much from you anyhow, so don't worry!

Looking forward to your next bizarre fantasy! Lord knows that every time anyone in the local press writes about Danny, you'll take credit. If that's whatcha gotta do, we're all here to serve your delusions.


Everybody has reported that the autopsy was inconclusive. Even TB.

The news here is that TB did what it set out to do-- get the national media to pay attention to the story and bring in the big guns.

Mission accomplished.

Good work, boys. And we love that Freiss character!