Monday, February 18, 2008

Just in case Lindsay Lohan winds up dead...

Lindsay Lohan and whoever is supposed to be looking after her apparently think it will elevate her iconic status (or at least make her seem employable) by having her pose nude in an imitation of Marilyn Monroe's famous photo session with Bert Stern. But we have to wonder who's getting the most glee from the fact that the troubled young actress is recreating Marilyn Monroe's last sitting... and that six weeks after the session... Marilyn was dead???

We know the New York magazine editors are tickled to have the memento of a freckled 21-year-old who looks as hardened and burnt-out as Marilyn did at 36. But what about her post-rehab team? Do they think their girl would be worth more money if she was in Heath Ledger territory? Why the death imagery?

C'mon, Daddy. Time to walk the walk.

(See the entire, eerie Lindsay-Marilyn session here. They're NSFW, but not much more NSFW than the photos on this page.)


Anonymous said...

if she's already gonna pose nude, or even semi-nude, she would have gotten a hell of a lot more money from playboy

Anonymous said...

Awful. Sorry, Linds. Britney has the Marilyn nose and cheeks. She's a mess, but the right makeup artist could do a real retro spread if Ms. Spears-Federline had a valium or two. She has the MM quality that Lindsay doesn't have. These pictures are pretty bad... not real sizzlers.