Friday, February 01, 2008

"Damn the Israel baseball talks! Full speed ahead!" Upstart Israel Professional Baseball League announces tryouts-- and invites WOMEN!

While we await word on what the big Israel baseball machers came up with in their closed-door meeting in New York City, The Israel Professional Baseball League, the rival Miami-based group that rose up in November, amid the turmoil of the Israel Baseball League's postseason debt, lawsuit and resignation era, has gone online to announce tryouts for its own upcoming season in the Summer of 2008.

Two items of note:

1) They're charging players to try out. (Twenty-five dollars a head).


2) They're inviting women baseball players to try out ($12.50 a-- ) -- which could mean that the lawyers and attorney players behind the league are skirting anti-discrimination laws.

Or they're Reform.

FindSportsNow.com lists the showcases:

Brief Description Title: Israel Professional League Tryouts
Sport: Baseball

Posted by: andrew17

Age: Over 18

Price: $25 per person
Start Date: February 24, 2008

End Date: March 30, 2008

Gender: Co-ed

Detailed Description
The Israel Professional Baseball League (IPBL) will be holding tryouts in Miami, FL on February 24 and March 30.
To register online visit: www.trianglefs.com/ipbl


Miami Dade College
11011 SW 104th St
Miami, FL

The IPBL page, part of the Triangle Financial Services website, states the tryouts are for the Summer 2008 season. They're also soliciting sponsors, interns and volunteers.


Anonymous said...

FYI, it was $50 to tryout for the IBL last season; $75 if you went to Duquette's camp and stayed overnight. And maybe they figure the guys will play better if there are some women at the tryout...be great if they could get those ladies in your pictures there...

Anonymous said...

who is the guy in the middle?

Anonymous said...

who is the blonde on the left?

Anonymous said...

she was the one Larry made a pass at and got rejected.
The guy in the center rejected Berger

Anonymous said...

yeah and now the IPBL has come out with the "tryouts" and we all have to go. HA they have got to be kidding

Listen guys, don't go (yeah Leon you too) whe we do not show up and they have no players we will get another email letter from wilson and gardner (oh is he trying out also) that we will all be invited . If some go then that will be bad. Guys , let's all go back but screw the tryouts . trust me , they will not have players and we will all be asked back.