Monday, February 11, 2008

"Where-dunnit" victim complicates homicide blog

For the past year and a week, the LA Times website has been running The Homicide Report, a blog that attempts to record every single murder that occurs in Los Angeles County (we’d thought the paper did that anyway, but we guess they don’t have space or reporters to list one or two corpses a day). Strange that Jill Leovy, the reporter who’d made the blog a a one-woman mission, either quit or was told to hand over the reins to another reporter within weeks of being featured in a Los Angeles magazine article. At least she’s probably got her book deal.

We mention it because the victim of The Case of the Corpse at the Pacific Palisades Mobil Station, the “where-dunnit” mystery we broke exclusively here, got a mention in The Homicide Report:

Yolanda Martinez, 37
Yolanda Martinez, 37, a Latina woman, was was run over by a Honda Prelude early Monday, Jan. 28, and died at 2:21 a.m. According to detectives from LAPD's West L.A. Division, her boyfriend, Carlos Guiterrez, 25, was behind the wheel., and he has been arrested on suspicion of murder. Martinez was discovered inside the backseat of the car at a gas station in Pacific Palisades. For more details about the incident, read the Los Angeles Times story.

Yolanda Martinez poses a problem for the Homicide Blog, which likes to pinpoint the locations of killings (as well as ethnicity of victims) to make a greater point. She was run over by her boyfriend somewhere between Silverlake and Pacific Palisades, and driven to the gas pumps. The suspect says he was too drunk to remember where he did poor Yolanda in.


Anonymous said...

Yolanda Martinez is my friends mom, my friend, she's not suppose to be going to school but she is because if she stays home all she thinks about is her mom. Her parents are/were divorced, were trying to get her through it but she's really really sad

Veronica Torres said...

My name is Veronica from Santa Ana, CA. Yolanda was my cousin. My family and myself just learned what happened this week. We are still trying to understand it all. Yolanda will be missed greatly. We all loved her very much. Our deepest sympathy from S.A family to our L.A family. We are praying for healing. Love Vero