Thursday, February 14, 2008

End of Day 4: I'll never give you my money

The old ex-Beatle who wrote silly love songs had a loveless Valentine's Day in divorce court, locked in a "war of attrition" with the unidexter former porn model (above, with a trail of NSFW porno pictures locked by the tabloids during the marriage but leaked by the old man's team once the war began) and alleged ex-call girl who's managed a Dickensian, sociopathic rise through British society to claim the ultimate prize by wedding the grieving, coddled billionaire widower, giving birth to a competing heir, demanding his spotlight, then pulling out after four turbulent years and going for the biggest divorce settlement in history. Silly girl. Macca's mean (adj. miserly, stingy). But they're saying he's willing to peel off £30 million to "get her off my back." She wants twice that. Plus. And representing herself. Ballsy girl. The courts set aside five days for the case, but it could go for a sixth. Everything's secret for now, but if the judge imposes a settlement and either side fights it, the case could go to the appeals court where everything's public.

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