Saturday, February 16, 2008

£55 million: Everybody's got something to hide

She represented herself in divorce court against his high-priced armada, and after the five-day war, The Daily Mail reports that he's agreed to pay her an astounding, record-setting £55 million. The 40 year-old one-legged NSFW porn model and alleged ex-hooker will receive a £20 million lump sum, and £2.5 million annual payments until their four-year-old daughter Beatrice reaches 18. The NSFW Heather Mills will get primary custody of the girl, though he'll have unlimited visitation rights. She will live in Britain, with a second home in Eastern Europe. And, which seems to be most important to Paul McCartney, she agreed to be bound by a confidentiality order, meaning she will never be able to speak publicly or write that book about the breakdown of the four-year marriage. Andrew Morton, opportunity knocks...


Anonymous said...

The press has beat the crap out of Heather Mills. Paul is not the gentle soothing messiah after all. That $55 million speaks VOLUMES.

Throw tomatoes my way. I think it's fantastic. She was in a marriage with the guy. She's not the same person as constantly portrayed in the press... she has a past, so what. We all do. Even if not to that extent.

She just proved that Sir Paul has a past as well. Everyone, keep your eyes closed. You weren't married to the guy. Listen to Ebony & Ivory over and over if you want to believe in fantasy.

I did think Heather would lose her parental rights after her recent media stumbles.

Now, let her continue on with her charity work. Let the world continue to hate. Lucky for Macca his story will stay under wraps. If Andrew Morton writes, I'll be first in line to read.

I used to like the guy, but he's clearly not the person we think he is. He paid a fair sum for the abuse he's put her through.

Lawrence Mark said...

I remember writing a letter to my friend Paul and telling him to just pay her to shut up. It was never about money. It was about disclosure. Does anyone think that Paulie would have married her in the first place if he had known about her complete past? She knew his and what she wanted. I hope no one thinks that 4 years of luxurious lifestyle and a ticket to ride were onerous in any way! haha! He is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. If all millionaires were so cordial and affable, this world would be a better place. I am just glad for my friend that he does not have to think about the outcome anymore. I just wonder what Bea will think when she finally learns the whole story without her Mum's oblique description. The public does not need to know things they would not want other people to know about themselves either. Paulie has every right to want silence. A man's home is his castle and it should be a private place, most especially the bedroom. He has paid WAY too much for every minute he has had suffer public humiliation, all because he fell victim to his kind heart. He has only helped Heather from the first day he met her. Can anyone say the same about her and what she has done? He was the best client she ever entertained, bar none. He is certainly the best tipper! haha!That gag order goes both ways. Think about it. The child is the one who will suffer her Mum's past in the end. Bea will thank God that Paulie was kind to Heather and kept his own mouth shut. The money will always be there for her! I actually feel sorry for Heather. haha! She will be plastered all over the internet for infinity! Paulies legacy is clear and nothing Heather ever does will tarnish it.
She will receive about ten million a year. He already paid for everything she did while they were together. She will be paid more than a thousand dollars an hour for the all time she spent with him, plus what she will be paid to be a Mum. I will bet that any one of her friends would have done it for less!! All the kudos go to Sir Paul. The Queen knighted him for a very good reason. He has proved he was born a "white knight". He has just saved another damsel in distress.

Lawrence Mark said...

I have an update for you. I have found out that there is NO SETTLEMENT in this case. This has gone to the judge for arbitration. Go to this URL if you want the latest story from the BBC.


No matter what happens, I stand behind the sentiments I have expressed. When the actual judgement comes, I will not have to say anything to respond to vitriolic fools who have no heart or mind. I still do not get the Ebony and Ivory part of the churlish and cretinistic comment by an "anonymous" "person". If you are going to say something stupid, I guess that "anonypompous" should be the best way to do it! No need to be courageous when a person only looks uncouth, right?