Sunday, February 10, 2008

We start a new site for our Israel baseball stories

is the new Baseball in Israel archive;
stories will be posted

no earlier than 24 hours

after they break here

at TabloidBaby.com

In the six months since we posted Elli Wohlgelernter’s exposé of the Israel Baseball League’s troubled first season, causing an international scandal and accusations of sensationalism, the journeyman journalist from Jerusalem by way of New York City—known in these parts as our special correspondent, Our Man Elli in Israel-- he’s gone from pariah to prophet as the IBL’s inner turmoil exploded across the world stage, with charges of millions of dollars in unpaid debts, financial ineptitude, chicanery and fraud, a renegade band of investors, players and insiders struggled to take the IBL’s place with a league of their own, and Israel’s sports governing body making demands that are only helping to make a Summer 2008 baseball season more and more unlikely.

Meanwhile, thanks to the estimable Mr. Wohlgelernter, Tabloid Baby has become the unlikely news source and clearinghouse for information and debate, as “mainstream” news organizations like the New York Times and Jerusalem Post lag days or even weeks behind our exclusive reports.

This weekend, we realized we’ve posted somewhere around 100 IBL stories since last summer and decided to gather them all in one spot.

So now you can find them all, uninterrupted by other tabloid news and issues, at the new Baseball in Israel site at:

We’ll eventually simplify the web address and we’re still working out technical issues (and finding away to link or list the readers' comments that are as engaging and colorful as the stories), but the new site includes Israel baseball-related links, and an archive of all our stories related to baseball in Israel.

The stories will be posted on the Baseball in Israel site a minimum of 24 hours after they break here at Tabloid Baby, so you’ll still have to check in here for the latest.


Anonymous said...

Judging by all the comments here ,you can see the huge excitement that this new blog will provide!

Anonymous said...

how pathetic
Not one new comment on the new blogspot

Elli do you get paid for this shit?
If you don't, you are even stupider !

Anonymous said...

goazThere are no comments because there is no news at this point. Things are at a stalmate. Until Larry come clean with where the money went no one will want to pay the debt.... I'm not holding my breath

If it weren't for Elli we'd all be in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Lets look at the great Elli Wohlgeliar:

He has always been a troubled person. Lets see what kind of person he was.
Quote from Running Times'

This year ,one such publicity seeker was responsible for the miscued start which sent the entire field off seven seconds early. Elli Wohlgenlenter, a reporter from the New York Post, who finished last year in just under 5 hours, decided this year he wanted to lead the marathon if only for a moment. He smuggled himself in with the lead runners (the field was seeded by ability and Wohlgelelenter belonged in the back) and sprinted off the line before the gun. As he wrote in the Post the next day, " For one glorious moment , the marathon was mine."
Yes that was a long time ago, but he still is looking for glory.

tabloidbaby said...


Elli wrote that story on assignment from the sports editor of the New York Post,you fucking anonymous idiot.

And the story he wrote is a classic-- quoted by you 29 years later-- of Plimptonian elegance.

You'll have to do better than that if you're trying to malign an honest reporter, asshole.

Anonymous said...

yeah and now the IPBL has come out with the "tryouts" and we all have to go. HA they have got to be kidding

Listen guys, don't go (yeah Leon you too) whe we do not show up and they have no players we will get another email letter from wilson and gardner (oh is he trying out also) that we will all be invited . If some go then that will be bad. Guys , let's all go back but screw the tryouts . trust me , they will not have players and we will all be asked back.

Anonymous said...

u have not changed in all these years
Thanks for not signing your name

Anonymous said...

I guess that someone reached a sore point on Elli's marathon run.

Anonymous said...

Anything you say bad about Eli becomes a sore spot. He can dish it out but can't take it.