Saturday, February 02, 2008

Why we read 'alt weeklies' only for the listings

Reason #12,000,003 is from the LA Weekly's review of David Sedaris's appearance at UCLA's Macgowan Hall Little Theater:

"...Put another way, David Sedaris was telling us that he'd never use the excuse of honesty to deliberately fart into the face of his audience and insist that it was art. Instead, he'd prefer to pass gas into a whoopee cushion and then place it under the collective sofa cushion of our more pompous and elitist and self-aggrandizing misconception of ourselves as noble creations with the understanding that the inappropriate sound of flatulence is only half of what's truly comical and absurd about the human condition. It is the stinkiness of life, after all, that forces us to celebrate our virtues as counterbalance."

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Anonymous said...

good catch. Is that a review or a stool report?