Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Where we saw a giant Super Bowl halftime penis, the NY Times saw a "mildly suggestive graphic"

New York Times music critic Jon Pareles validates our controversial Super Bowl halftime penis sighting this morning with the blasé insouciance of a New York City hipster who's seen it all before. As in: where we saw a giant illuminated phallus travelling through the darkened stadium to penetrate a heart-shaped box, Jon saw

"...a mildly suggestive graphic
of a lighted Flying V guitar
piercing a heart..."

Jon's identification of the guitar that was a logo on Petty's first album will boost his cred. Then again, in his praise of American Idol Jordin Sparks' rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, the Timesman neglects to mention that the girl was lip-synching.

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