Thursday, February 14, 2008

Buff Bagwell wrestles with reality television

World wrestling superstar and legend Buff Bagwell, renowned for the Buff Blockbuster, yellowjacket suplex, double underhook DDT, running powerslam and swinging neckbreaker, is now sipping his Coors Silver Bullets in the reality TV ring, living for the cameras under the watchful eye of Atlanta's heavyweight producer and Tabloid Baby pal Keith Walker.

The very talented (and busy) Mr. Walker-- who's also an executive producer of The Seventh Python, the new musical biopic from our pals at Frozen Pictures-- leads us to these video outtakes, and tells us that Buff is in great shape, wrestling the independent circuit through the South, and living in the wild, surreal, made-for-reality-television style of a larger-than-life all-too-human Superhero in the heart of Dixie.

Buff looks like quite the character, at least as interesting as anyone on Celebrities Rehab or Apprentice. We'd watch! You?

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