Friday, February 08, 2008

Amy Winehouse can't get a visa to come to LA, but at least she'll have her own E! True Hollywood Story

Amy Winehouse has been a favorite in the Tabloid Baby office long before she began a downward tabloid spiral that just may be evening out now that she’s holed up in Ozzy Osbourne’s guesthouse trying to get clean. So though we're disappointed the poor girl wasn't allowed into the States in time to come to LA so she can score some Brad Renfro heroin on the way to the Grammys on Sunday night, we were cheered to find out she's the subject of an E! True Hollywood Story on Saturday.

We'd hoped the show was produced by Michael Lynn, whom we've hailed as the best in the field of show biz docutragedy, but although another producer helmed the half hour, advance word is that it's action-packed, complete with teenage Amy footage (when she was twice the weight with half the hair height) and interviews with more than observers, including our favorite-named guitarist, Binky Griptite, whose Dap Kings backed Amy on her breakthrough album.

By the way, Wino is up against a new favorite of ours for Best New Artist on Sunday night. Taylor Swift is a teenage cutie who writes grownup kiddie country songs that sound just as good on Radio Disney, where they're sped up a hair and the fiddles and dobros are replaced by drum loops.

We reckon Taylor’s a good five years away from rehab and a True Hollywood story of her own.

Amy Winehouse: The E! True Hollywood Story premieres Saturday, February 9th at 6 pm, Eastern & Pacific Times on the E! Entertainment network. Michael Lynn's got a True Hollywood Story on Renee Zellweger airing on March 1st.

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Anonymous said...

She looks like Kim Kardashian on the right. That is one messed up chick.