Tuesday, February 19, 2008

TiVo alert: Dr. Ruehl appears tonight on Jericho

The CBS postapocalyptic drama series Jericho has returned from the dead for a second season after a fan campaign that sent 20 tons of peanuts to executives rescued the series from cancellation. And in its second postapocalypytic episode, airing tonight at 10 (9 Central time), there's more reason to watch: Tabloid Baby pal, contributor and columnist (and busy actor) Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D. will be Skeet Ulrich's costar.

Dr. Ruehl emails:

I am playing a townsperson on "Jericho" tonight, Tuesday, 10PM, on CBS.

I have two brief scenes: one, running up to the newly elected President; the other, in a crowd, listening to a speech.

In one take, where I was running up to the President, my cellphone flew out of my coat pocket in the path of an oncoming tank... I was barely able to rescue it. I doubt if this will be included (although it might wind up in the DVD edition with outtakes).

Reviews welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Give us a You Tube video. 10pm is past our bed time. :)