Monday, February 11, 2008

"Hunting Heather": The video she played in court

Heather Mills apparently played a video portraying herself as one of those hunted animals she likes to "campaign" for in today's divorce court hearing in which she's trying to skin more than a hundred million British pounds from poor old skinflint Paul McCartney for the time they were married. Too bad she turns it into comedy by scoring the video with The Batman Theme. And we'd say the bird is lucky she's not in LA; at least she's followed by a few professional photographers and not the lawless amateurs and crims with home video cameras and cellphones who get paid by that corporate porn-pushing gossip site and the other lowlife phony tabloid operations.

This five-day hearing to decide money and custody of their little girl is actually pretty amazing. He's represented by the law team that worked for Prince Charles in his split with Diana.

She's representing herself.


Her video is entitled "Hunting Heather."

Click here to see "F-cking Heather." NSFW!

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