Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 3: All you need is cash

Good point on the third day of the Macca-Mucca divorce hearing: he's the former Beatle, with a fellow Beatle assassinated outside his home and another attacked by a nut with a sword inside his home-- and she's just a unidexter former porn model (NSFW photos here) and alleged call girl who bragged to a stranger on a train that she gave the best blowjob in England.

So why does she need all the bodyguards and the entourage (including a sister-- second from right-- who gives a good idea of what Heather would look like without the plastic surgery) on the way to court when poor old Paul walks in alone? And why does she need all the millions for security? Nobody ever took a shot at Yoko.

Insiders say they're close to a payoff (£55 million, with a lump sum of £20 million and annual payments of £2.5 million until their baby Beatrice turns 18), but they're fighting over the kid's school (he doesn't like private schools) fighting over she's fighting for the right to write a book about it all. Or have someone write it for her and out her name to it. She'll be rich enough to afford it.

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