Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dr. Ruehl's latest Realm of Bizarre News features The Amazing World of Crime & Punishment

The Realm Of Bizarre News, Episode VIII

Tabloid Baby pal, conributor and columnist Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D. says: "My latest Realm of Bizarre News is a special edition, The Amazing Realm of Crime & Punishment, which I produced as a mini-pilot as I have been pitching to truTV and others. And of course, I have a 30-minute version."

And here's this week's Top 13 Bizarre News stories:

* Bad idea! Brit David Monk, 46, decided to slide down a mountainside at the Valie di Susa ski resort in northern Italy on a RUBBER MATTRESS! He slid right into a fence and suffered massive head and chest injuries which killed him! So, if we have any skiers among our readers: Please do not try this! We cannot afford to lose even one of you!

* Good idea! The Admiral Cinema in Vienna, Austria is now allowing moviegoers to bring their pooches along with them on a monthly Doggy Day! Woof!

* Keep your pet tortoises in the fridge! That is the surprising recommendation of experts who note that these shelled critters hibernate during the cold winter. But if the temperature suddenly warms, they wake up, and can perish if the temperature again plummets. So, please, please, make room for your pet in the refrigerator even if you have to toss out some food!

Trivia Q: What is the term for a group of turtles? (Answer below)

* Barber Jim Buist, 64, up in Kalamazoo, Michigan is legally blind, yet still trims the hair of his loyal customers, some of whom he has had for 40 years! Using a combination of instinct, feel and memory of his clients' heads, he still does a remarkably good job!

* A female visitor to the Samlesbury Hall in Lancashire, England, was stunned to find that she had captured a photo of the ghost of Henry The Eighth lingering in a dark room at the manor house. This is the first report of his presence there, although his spirit has been reportedly taped at Hampton Court. Does the image really resemble the English tyrant? Look at the picture at right and judge for yourself!

* Actress Brooke Shields is terrified of seeing her image in a mirror! She avoids looking at her reflection whenever she is in a room with a mirror!

* Unborn twins dislodge mom's tumor! Michelle Stepney of London, England was diagnosed with cervical cancer while carrying twin girls, but then her oncologist discovered that their kicking had dislodged the tumor, saving her life!

* At the Scott County Circuit Court in Georgetown, Kentucky, a defendant charged with burglary began punching his defense attorney in the mouth and stomach when told by the judge that he could not change lawyers. Now, he is getting new representation. Incredibly, the walloped lawyer is not going to press assault charges against the man.

* Finally! After more than 60 years, Hitler's "lost fleet" of three submarines has been discovered resting on the bottom of the Black Sea The U-19, U-20, and U-23 had been carried overland to target Russia, but disappeared near the end of WW2, with their whereabouts a historic puzzle.

* A feisty new bride chased after a drunk driver who hit the newlyweds' car in Auckland, New Zealand, then sped off on foot. Still wearing her wedding gown, she pursued miscreant to an alley, where he finally gave up and was arrested.

* A human eyeball in a box was delivered by a special courier to a shocked guest in the middle of the night at a hotel in Hobart, Tasmania. It turned out the eye was to be implanted in a patient at a local hospital, but for a mistake in the address. Fortunately, the guest reported the eyeball immediately, and the transplant was successfully carried out a few hours later!

* Unfair! Couple found a decapitated sheep on their property in Clyde Township, Michigan and appealed to various public agencies to remove it, but all refused, telling them it is their responsibility to dispose of it-- with a fine if they don't! Unfair!

* During a heated argument, a 280-pound hubby in Hildesheim, England sat on his frail wife for two minutes, crushing her to death (her ribs suffered 18 separate fractures). He has now been sentenced to five years in prison.

Trivia answer: A group of turtles is called a "bale."

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