Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cristina courts a Daytime Emmy, doggedly

The Daytime Emmys have come out with a new "Outstanding Legal/ Courtroom" category, finally recognizing the special nature of "courtroom shows," the staple of daytime television pioneered (and re-invented) by Tabloid Baby pal and mentor Peter Brennan of A Current Affair, Hard Copy and Judge Judy fame. And chief among the potential nominees has got to be this entry from Latina crossover superstar Cristina Perez:

Cristina's Court is produced by Peter Brennan himself. Man does know his tabloid.

Watch the episode here.

And, thanks to a new twist in Daytime Emmy rules ("...for the first time, all of those entered into the Daytime competition will have their achievements viewed by judges..."), you might even be able to vote for it. Find out more here.

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Anonymous said...


As an audience member of "Cristina's Court", I have attended literally hundreds of her show tapings. The woman's lack of perception, indifference to and ignorance of the law, insensitivity and personal biases are legendary.

If anyone should have been nominated for this Emmy, Judge Alex would have been an obvious choice.