Tuesday, December 04, 2007


What was first reported exclusively on Tabloid Baby is now official: a second professional baseball league in Israel has been formally launched.

Our Man Elli got his hands on this release from the backers of the proposed Israel Professional Baseball League, announcing six teams for a season in the summer of 2008, going up directly against the Israel Baseball League, which announced its second season just last week:



AVENTURA, FL., December 4, 2007- Triangle Financial Services, a sports and entertainment investment firm, announced today the launch of the Israel Professional Baseball League (IPBL) informational website ( http://www.trianglefs.com/ipbl.html). The IPBL is the second professional baseball league in the Middle East and will be the premier professional baseball league in the land of Israel. The IPBL will be a six-team league that will begin play in the summer of 2008. The IPBL is a separate league from the Israel Baseball League.

ABOUT TRIANGLE FINANCIAL SERVICES Triangle Financial Services, a sports and entertainment investment firm, has a diverse portfolio of international sports enterprises. The recent acquisition of the Maccabi Haifa professional basketball team in Israel along with the sponsorship of the Dragonflies, a semi-professional baseball team in Hong Kong, China, represents Triangle's continued effort to invest in emerging international sports ventures. For more information on Triangle Financial Services, please visit www.trianglefs.com.

The league's webpage seeks players, contributors and personnel.

The IPBL was first announced last month, the week that the IBL's commissioner and advisory board went running for the hills because of financial problems and questions surrounding league founder Larry Baras-- also reported exclusively here.

Regarding this recent development, Our Man Elli had this comment: "Let the bean-ball war begin!"

(Heading up the new league are Jeffrey Rosen, a major IBL investor and owner of the Maccabi Haifa basketball team; Andrew Wilson, a facilitator on the ground for the IBL who now works for Rosen; Alan Gardner, a New York City attorney who played centerfield for the Beit Shemesh Blue Sox; and Michael Rollhaus, a businessman from Queens and major IBL investor.)


Anonymous said...

I live in Israel, I loved the league last year .. BUT there was barely enough audience for the one league (with it being 90% American fans). 2 leagues will just be death to both .. Lets hope this league will just be an effort to force the IBL to be better managed and they will merge. IF not we ALL lose.


Anonymous said...

By the use of the word "exclusive" are you implying that the new league sent its press release only to you?

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. Andrew wilson is an intern who gets stressed out over nothing. Rollhaus is a nebish who cant get along with anyone. gardner is a pain in the ass . pretty stinky to go around the IBL in this way

they are just hurting the IBL. I suppose that has always been their plan. that is how these guys will be remembered. they dont deserve any space of consideration

Anonymous said...

aNDREW WILSON, ( who wants to NEXT hire a kid who tries to screw the fist organization he works with after college)

how long will it be til we read Elly wolghAlenter is on payroll, that whorish publicity seeker.he would FIND AND WRITE something bad about his mother if it meant a byline.

gsrdner and rollhaus, you are what you are.

ibl is only way for this to work.

Anonymous said...


We hear youre a competive eater. So eat this.

We're saving you dumb jocks from getting fucked over next season as well.

We take it personally

Fuck you.

The Tabloid Baby staff.

Sam said...

I don't know whats going on with the two league situation, but I do know that Andrew Wilson is the shit. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't really know much about things.

Anonymous said...

I know Andrew Wilson to be a good , smart kid who gave his best to the IBL. Good luck Andrew . Don't listen to those phonies.

Anonymous said...

Andrew is the only one of the IBL bunch with brains

Anonymous said...

Other people quit and move on if they dont have a fit with their first internships. Andrew wilson decides to bite the IBL in the groin. shitty.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Andrew got his full pay from the IBL? So many people didn't so who can blame him to move to a paying job?

Abba said...

Bears repeating. That which is pasted below written by Anon.

IBL deserves and needs support at this time. Instead IBL has leeches trying to destroy and hinder what they need to do for season 2.

Andrew Wilson, Alan Gardner, Michael Rollhaus ( what a crew to look at, come to think of it) and Jeff Rosen have tried to sink the IBL as it has struggled to swim in order to build their own egomaniacal dream.

What positively vile snakes they are. What they have been doing reminds me of stepping on someones hands when they are trying crawl after being beaten up.

Anonymous said...
I am astonished, embarrassed to find such self serving behavior from grown men. You cannot believe the disappointment on my face when i stumbled across this tabloid baby site expecting to find uplifting IBL news and instead found such trash.....rebellion.....more like unnecessary drama.

I personally believe rolhaus, jeff Rosen, and andrew have been influenced by Alan Gardner's delusional idealism of how a start-up league should be run "his way". That's it, it is a start up, requiring time to grow. You learn from mistakes, and you're lucky if you have the support to develop further. I guess Larry selected the wrong people to trust.

It is disappointing that players didn't get paid. But lashing out at someone and trying to destroy them won't pay the bills either. It just exposes the true intentions of the "drama quartet". If they were reputable they would have spent time build bridges instead of burning them. But it seems as though these 4 are only out to defeat and win, not build.

Alan and his clan may believe they are heroes, but they are more like parasites trying to undermine the IBL to fulfill their own egocentric tendencies.

These men used the IBL's mishaps as a scapegoat to fulfill their own power driven agenda.....something is lacking in their lives, like a life. It's only baseball, not world peace. You ruined the reputation of a man who took a chance, bringing baseball to israel.

I will be sad to have these 4 men represent baseball in Israel. If you had the kind of determination Larry had/has you would have taken the high road and developed your own league, not attempt to dissuade chairmen from supporting Larry.

What is sad about all this is that the young players who follow these 4 men are just that, young..... they just want to play ball at any cost, not realizing how unethical it may be.

Your ad, propaganda, for the new 2008 IBL sounds vindictive and desperate in an almost "ambulance chasing" kind of way, not at all professional. Your angle is very transparent. Your ad is filled with unnecessary angst that clouds the spirit of baseball.........pathetic Losers.

11/20/2007 7:38 PM

Anonymous said...

Andy wilson --go out get some experience and then try to sieze the world stepping-- no-- slaughtering the org who took you in? Your being used. So you worked. We all friggin do when we are 23 years old. Or we SHOULD. Does not make you worthy of a takeover. Good luck running bowling leagues back in New Jersey. Rollhaus you are a big mouth fool who is a nuisance forget about leader. Gardner you are an unpopular prick to begin with. Too much time you had without playing- to stir things up and get mean against people. You just want to be a somebody. Rosen, dont you have more decent things to with your money? You sat there watching the IBL being understaffed last summer. Why not take a half days interest on your money and get people or help out yourself rather than try and demolish the IBL? Get it everyone. These guys are destructive nebishes without real lives out for ego gratification.

col said...

Wow! Arsenal got killed last night! Anybody see it?
The fans must have been furious! 5 – 1, I mean Tottenham played very well but Arsenal fielded barely any first team players, what were they thinking!? The Fans have every right to be annoyed! When you travel to see your team play you expect them to at least try! Whoever did a little football spread betting on Arsenal losing will be laughing all the way to work this morning! Maybe I Should start spread betting and see if I can win a few bets! I want to laugh on the way to work!