Saturday, August 29, 2009

Greg Lott: "I was Farrah's secret lover!"

Farrah Fawcett's college sweetheart and website business partner has gone international with explosive revelations about what he claims was a torrid love affair that was reignited eleven years ago and ended only when Ryan O'Neal took over Farrah's affairs and refused to allow him to see her in her final weeks on earth.

Greg Lott, who dated Farrah at the University of Texas at Austin in the 1960s and did two terms in prison for drug trafficking before he and Farrah rekindled their relationship in the late Nineties, provides photos, love letters and intimate details to the Daily Mail-- including the revelation that he and Farrah took "intimate photos" on a Mexican holiday-- and "now believes Ryan found them just months before Farrah’s death."

Tabloid Baby brought Greg Lott's story forward exclusively in May after he contacted our offices to tell us that after years of unfettered access to his good friend Farrah, he'd been banned from seeing her by O'Neal and others who had gathered around her as her cancer worsened. Lott had come to Los Angeles from Lubbock, Texas and stayed, holding vigil in a nearby hotel, until Farah lost her cancer battle on June 25th.

We reported on the documented relationship that Farrah and Lott had resumed after she split with O'Neal in 1997, and included photos showing the pair together in later years. While Lott showed us evidence of his close relationship with Farrah, he stopped short of going public with the details of the romantic relationship.

Lott has gone farther with the Daily Mail, as these highlights show:

"In a series of startling revelations, Greg claims that O’Neal froze him out of Farrah’s life against her will and that she referred to O’Neal as the ‘Fat F*** from the beach’.

"...in 1996 when Farrah and Ryan’s romance came unstuck thanks to his volatile temper and infidelity, she called. ‘We arranged to meet in Texas. 'She was doing a fundraiser for battered women and invited me to the event at a hotel. She walked into the room and the electricity was there between us.’

"Farrah invited Greg to visit her at her home in Bel Air: ‘She flew me out to Los Angeles and we fell into each other’s arms.

"‘Farrah was always a very sensual woman. She never wore make-up at home and would shop at cheap stores like Walmart for her sweatpants. She had no airs and graces. That’s what I loved about her. She looked a million dollars without doing anything.
In a letter written on one flight back to LA, a besotted Farrah reflected on a recent clandestine meeting:

"...'Thank you for making it so special. No stressure. Great food, great weather, great sex, great, great you!’ Greg explains: ‘Stressure was a Farrah-ism. Stress and pressure; that is what she was under with her health, her child, her parents and Ryan.’

"Greg says: ‘People close to us knew we were an item but I never wanted to be Mr Farrah Fawcett so we kept it low-key. I never wanted to go to high-profile Hollywood events.’

...The couple had holidayed in the resort of Maroma in early 2000. Greg says: ‘We’d been to Mexico once before, right at the start of our relationship at college. We went to Acapulco for Spring Break when we were madly in love.

"‘We went back at the start of 2000. It was this isolated hotel and Farrah said it was our honeymoon.’ While they were there, the couple took intimate Polaroid photos and Greg now believes Ryan found them just months before Farrah’s death..."

Read the entire Daily Mail article here.


Anonymous said...

Greg Lott is known crook, swindler and liar. Of course he can create a relationship with someone not here to refute his claims. He's a joke. And if by ANY chance he did have a friendship/relationship with her, how elegant of him to do such an interview. He is a disgusting human being and I only hope karma bites his fat ass sometime soon.

Mother of the year said...

Ok, I'm appalled. It's not ok for Red to be in "Farrah's Story" yet, here Greg mentions Red... I'm sure Farrah is smiling down on Mr Lott for telling the world she was disappointed in him. You don't say crap like that. Sorry.

He explains: ‘Redmond was a troubled young boy. I would give her advice on how to deal with his problems. The trouble is, he’d clean up and he’d mess up again, but Farrah adored him.

‘The worst thing she ever said to me was when I came to see her in January. It was the last time I saw her alive and she was clearly very sick. She said, “You know Greg, Redmond has been a big disappointment to me.”’

Greg witnessed the ways in which Redmond ‘disappointed’ his mother first-hand.

One night in 1999, he was with Farrah when they were woken in the night by a telephone call informing her that Redmond had been arrested in Orange County on his way to a rave party in Tijuana, Mexico.

Greg recalls: ‘He was with three guys in their 30s who were on ecstasy and God knows what else. Farrah was furious. Redmond was only 14.

FWIW, Greg was probably paid for that story. Sorry, I don't think Red needs to see shit like that when he gets out. I would be horrified if someone printed that about how I felt about my child.

TEXBOY said...

You knew that you met Greg and Farrah in 2001, and it kicks your ass that you are now shown for who you are.
I think you are lower that dirt.
Farrah fired your ass, for trying to extort,

Anonymous said...

that anon is a sick mf,
he stold, he took ,and now he is cut off.

Anonymous said...

Let's settle this blood feud between Lott and O'Neal the manly way and do it for a good cause, the Farrah Fawcett Foundation for Cancer Research.
Now that Lott has blown the lid off the blood feud between himself and O'Neal, let's schedule a per-per-view extravaganza pitting the womanizing, bullying ex-pugilist O'Neal and the bitter, clinger ex-UT wingback, not star quarterback (beaten out by 'Super Bill' Bradley in 1966), Lott, in a mixed martial arts, ultimate fighting Cage Fight, with all the proceeds going to the Farrah Fawcett Foundation for Cancer Research.

Let the best man win and put this sordid saga to rest so Farrah can Rest in Peace.

Mother of the year said...

Anonymous - it appears the Farrah Fawcett Foundation has not been set up.

Anyone reading, there is a web site claiming to be the FFF but it is not. Do not send any money until the charity can be verified.

Anonymous said...

To Texboy: first of all, I am not Keith Sundae as you so seem to think on this site as well as the other waste of space blog. You are an obsessed & scary fanatic who thinks he has it all figured out. YOU are the sick freak who spends all day posting your B.S. Get a life, stop attacking people for their thoughts and go back to your little hair salon putting the blue in old lady hair. Oh, you might want to stop acting like Greg Lott's bitch too - he has you doing his dirty work and you look like the medicated little fool you are. Pathetic little mess of a life you are!

Mother of the year said...

It appears the fake Farrah Foundation web site has been removed.

In case it comes back- the URL was farrahfawcettfoundation.net

This is not a legit site

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous post 3- Do you know who Texboy is ?
First in reading the way you address Texboy you come off as a stalker.
You have no idea just who you addressed. I spoke at length with him hours ago,and he is in great spirits after the sick way you seem to be so close to him, and so far from the truth. Texboy is a friend to many who will back up his statment as fact. His father is out of the country and was advised to read your post. The business you call a little hair salon holds a very important client list, as well as a list who love Texboy. Just a warning, if you post using Texboy's name again you will deal with TEXAS period. Farrah Fawcett was a friend to Texboy she valued his Texas honor to all who know him. Ms Fawcett was beyong generous to him so just incase you pose one threat to him, or his life in general just remember you were warned, we will personaly push the docket and drag you thru court so fast you will lose the few things you have left.
Chill with the comments. I will tell you that he stands prepared to defende Greg Lott so you truly need to take heed, as you are now advised.

nikki V said...

No Greg was great at running farrah's website and if your going to make a point anonymous put up your real name and stop being a coward. It discredits who and why you posted what you did.
How elegant of Ryan and his vile VF article. At least Greg does'nt claim to love someone and then try and get a 20yr old girl to play with his musy dick while farrah lay dying. Ryan is a piece of garbage and put your real name on here if you want to be taken seriously. What are you afraid of? Coward

nikki V said...

Moty Redmond did cause FF stress as well as that fat pig Ryan. Redmond needs to grow up and stop his shit
To get arrested as his mom was fighting for her life shows the O'neal gene is quite dominant

All Bastards Must Pay said...

Who are any of you really?
Putting a name to the post doesn’t guarantee validity

Here’s my question?

If Gregg was Farrah’s big love then how did Ryan get so close to her?
Why didn’t Farrah ask him to come to Germany with her instead of Ryan?
Did Farrah ask Ryan to come to Germany with her or did he just bully his way in?

And come now Mr. Radio DJ man do you really think that Alana Stewart is gonna tell you the TRUTH about weather or not Farrah caught her and Ryan together?

She’s gonna lie through her skanky teeth

The truth will come out sooner or later and shame on those who are the liars

All of them

Pull your shit together Redmond and make your mother proud it’s not too late she’s watching you.

Anonymous said...

Nikki seems to be as much a whack job as Texboy. You two are so bored with your own lives that you post with such frequency thinking that people actually CARE what you have to say. And, posting anonymous or with a "name" means nothing as the other person stated. Do you think Nikki V means ANYTHING TO ANYONE??? No, you are as good as a common nobody. Why don't you people put all this wasted energy into something more positive and stop making judgements on people you NEVER knew. Seriously sad and messed up lonely people out there I guess.

Anonymous said...

anon- We have crossed paths before.
You make it a point to discredit 2 people who pose a threat to the real truth.
Trust this, the only one who has to lose is the PIRO-PIRATE, Who loves the camera.
Strange was his role from start to finish meaning he held Farrah's casket ,helped place it into the hearst, and cleaned the blood from his hand's. Ryan wanted phone sex only because no woman would touch him in person,either out of respect for Farrah, or because they were s street crack whore-

Anonymous said...

Keith Sunde is the guy hiding behind the anonymous blog. He is known around the internet and e-bay as a pyscho who tries to police copyright infringement for Farrah. However, he has never had that authority from Farrah, me or her Lawyers. Keith Sunde and his partner Michael Quick worked for Farrah as her assistants. They were so incompetent that she fired them. They were insensitive during one of her mother's illnesses in Houston. While Farrah and I were there together in Houston they demanded their paycheck and didn't care what the situation was with her mother. Later they called her Father Jim and said they had seen things that might embarrass Farrah. They wanted $4000 to go back to Florida. Her dad said he didn't care what they had. Keith wormed his way back in with Farrah's mother bay sending her Tabloid Magazines when she was 90 years old. Keith is the CLASSY GUY at the funeral with the laminated poster. Also, Keith is with witholding Fight The Fight t- shirts and Bobby Steele photographs that belong to Farrah and the website. They are for charity.

Mother of the year said...

Are people going to keep reminding Redmond about his screw ups all of his life? He screwed up; now he is paying the price. Once he serves his time & does rehab; how is he going to move forward if people keep shoving what he did wrong in the past in his face?

At 40 years old, I was still reminded of stuff I did wrong as far back as 11. When I was Red's age, I still screwed up some but had a 4 year old kid; by 26 I was no where near that same person as I was at 24. People can change.

To someone like Red; the negative might send him back to drugs. I'd hate to see this end up like Anna Nicole & Daniel.

Red has paid a very high price already; I'm sure he is well aware of it.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder why everyone thinks it is their business to get into Ms. Fawcett's business. This is the type of behavior that she found appalling and none of you are showing her respect tearing at the people she loved (whether you approve of them or not) and into her privacy. I pray no one does to any of you what you have done in her illness and death. As far as Mr. Lott, I don't know anything about him but if you saw the Daily Mail article, then you would realize that the pic he shared of Farrah in Mexico was beyond tacky. It speaks volumes in a negative way. And the pics in the new Vanity Fair article, they were taken before Farrah passed. Have any of you ever been human, made mistakes? We all have and this ripping and tearing of a beautiful woman that you all adored is really sad. Redmond has to survive all of this. And if Mr. Lott was her secret lover, that wouldn't make her any better than what you say about Ryan. So for all the fans and people who loved Farrah and especially Redmond, please stop tearing her life and decisions apart. Sometime we will all pass and I pray that this will not be what our friends and family do regarding our lives.
A very saddened fan, I am reading things I would rather not have known.

loves orchids said...

Amen, previous anonymous, saddened fan. Farrah shared with us what she wanted us to know. She loved Ryan, Alana and her family. She was a devoted mother and a fighter. I choose to believe what she WANTED us to believe. Anything else is none of our business.

Anonymous said...

I find it hysterical how serious some people take other people's comments. Who CARES if you post as anonymous? Really, who cares??? Everyone is entitled to their opinion so either accept, reject or simply move on if you don't agree or like what is being said.

However, Angel Charlie seems to be the ONLY one with an ounce of clarity on THAT site. It's pretty obvious that Lott is spoon feeding Texboy what to say (altho he can't seem to put a sentence together in English!!) and Nikki V. just likes to hear her own voice! LOLOLOL.

BTW: didn't Texboy promise to STOP commenting because his feelings got hurt?? And whoever stated that Texas (yes, the entire state!) was going to "get" the other anonymous poster??

For real people, GET LIVES!!!

Anonymous said...

This is like 15 stories ago and about to get pushed off the page

Why are people still here????

Joe Kidd said...

TEXBOY and Nikki V both are both absolute top of the heap LOSERS who have nothing better to do than post all day long on an blog that matters to NO ONE but themselves. LEAST of all Farrah Fawcett. Texboy is Lott's bitch and Nikki is TEXBOY's bitch. The rest of you guys on there are cool. Michael Europe is a genuine fan. Angel Charlie is informative and toooo witty and funny. MOTY, Orchids and Italia are okay as well. But TEXBOY and Nikki V, you both need to check into a 12 step program for bloggers. GET A LIFE!

Joe Kidd said...

For the love of Farrah, 590 comments! You both are waaay past pathetic.

Angel Charlie said...

You guys must be referring to HitmanPR's blogspot.

Maybe the first anonymous comment here is from HitmanPR himself.

It's morphed from the pro-Greg Lott blog to the anti-Greg Lott blog and it always been anti-Ryan and Alana and pro-Farrah, based on the views expressed by HitmanPR.

Exposure to nikki and Texboy is my first exposure to celebrity obsessed, sick, twisted freak Uberfans.

I wasn't aware of such an entity until I was drawn there due to Farrah's cancer story.

It's a free country so nikki and Texboy are free to chose to remain Farrah-obsessed superfreakish bloggers or choose another passion to pursue.

Some of their comments are informative.

Farrah's Story inspired me to learn a great deal about cancer and it's treatment, so I thank her for the inspiration.

And along the way, I learned about 'Super Bill' Bradley, too, a bonafide 'star quarterback' at the Univ. of Texas.

I'm sorry that Super Bill interrupted the quarterbacking dreams of Mr. Lott.

Mr. Lott, since he was Bobby Layne's godson, must have had UT star quarterback dreams of being the second Bobby Layne since he was a boy.

But unfortunately, they were dashed by Super Bill Bradley in 1966 because of all the press clippings of Bradley's high school football exploits.

But, whenever we get a new news story about Mr. Lott, we hear the term 'star quarterback' again without the necessary qualifier, that it was Super Bill and not Mr. Lott that was the star quarterback.

Anonymous said...

Angel Charlie: keep responding to Texboy and Nikki. They are both off their rocker. It's one thing to be a fan and admire a celebrity, it's another to spend ALL DAY EVERY DAY spewing out the crazy like they do. Texboy is a puppet of Greg (or perhaps Greg himself) and probably only met FF once as a fan. He was not a friend I am sure of it. Both sad and weird people and they think that only THEIR opinions are right.

Joe Kidd said...

Oh and Lott, wtf? Any real man, like Farrah's HS boyfriend would have continued with his life, gotten married, have kids, etc. Why is he still caterwauling about his college sweetheart. Dude, I was a fan of Farrah's like every boy in the 70's. You know I got over it. If she left me in 68, you bet I would've gotten over her by now like her HS boyfriend, Mr Roberts, I think his name is. My point is I would behave properly. I would behave, if I truly still loved Farrah, in a manner that she would approve of now if she were alive. You lost the star QB position. You lost Farrah. For Christ's sake keep your dignity man. That holds true for our two uberfreak fans, TEXBOY and Nikki V also. Keep you cakeholes shut. Talk about cancer cures. Stop speading scuttlebutt. If Farrah were here, would she approve? You know Red will get to read all this one day. Shame on you two.

Angel Charlie said...

And then Super Bill lost his 'star quarterback' status in 1968 when he couldn't run the new Wishbone offense effectively.

James Street took over, won 20 straight games and a National Championship in 1969 and became a far greater 'star quarterback' than Super Bill, arguably making him the second Bobby Layne, the unfulfilled dream of Lott.

If Lott and O'Neal would just end their contest over who was Farrah's One True Love, we can all go back to our regular lives and not worry about just who was a 'star quarterback' on the Texas Longhorn football in the later half of the 1960s every time Lott pops up and claims to be a 'star quarterback.'

Anonymous said...

hey Tuna Of The Sea- Charlie?
we got your take now. You are hitman.
You are talking shit about UT.
Let it rest, take the mask off.

Anonymous said...

'Why are people still here'????...because people still care about Farrah, that's why. She left a legacy behind for us to follow...like it or not, she loved Ryan, Alana, Redmond and her family. She wanted us to realize the devastating hole that cancer leaves in our lives and how we should all 'fight the fight' to change that. Her love of her family was more than evident in pictures, film and documentary her last few years. Let her rest in peace. Anything else is disrespectful, to say the least. She shared with us what she wanted us to know.
Thanks, Farrah.

Anonymous said...

what is fact is a blog owner has used a mask to post questions to the group. the blog post by angel charlie is the owner. this man has taken the word fraud and give it a new meaning. that blog is not about cancer but is is turned into a cancer. one man posting questions and answering them.your mask is now known angel charlie

Angel Charlie said...

Anonymous (prior) Last and Anonymous (prior) Third from Last must be Texboy, or nikki V.

Texboy was referred to as 'Lott's Bitch' by a commenter here and nikki V was referred to as 'Texboy's Bitch', by I guess the same commenter, based on their profuse and promiscuous blogging obsessions on the HitmanPR blog.

The whole 'Super Bill' killing Lott's 'star quarterback' dreams is true, but I would never have known it, if not for Texboy's fawning slobber about 'Greg Lott, Star Quarterback.'

And of course, 'Marvelous' Marvin Kristynik also thwarted Lott's 'star quarterback' dreams too, in 1965, the only season that Lott was actually a QB at UT.

You have to first be the starting QB to be a 'star quarterback' and Kristynik was the starting QB in 1965, not Lott.

So I corrected him and set the record straight and he launches childish, specious attacks in return.

No, I'm not Mr. HitmanPR.

That's another kooky, childish attack by a bottomfeeder.

I ask HitmanPR questions on his blog for information and sometimes he responds to my questions.

I wish he was more responsive to questions.

Angel Charlie said...

I want to avoid controversy, as opposed to some of these other commenters, as regards to other bloggers, such as Texboy or nikki, who have borne the brunt of many of the other commenters here, so I'll just say in some cases some bloggers blog in a style reminiscent of celebrity-obsessesd superfreakish Uberfans and I occasionally comment about their blogging excesses, but not them personally, since I don't know them personally.

Mother of the year said...

I actually don't think you are hitman; there is a definite difference in your postings & spelling.

Anonymous said...

that is exactly the point.Mother Of The Year .
Angel Charile is doing double time. Funny how his take on things are very legal for a person who has no credential or for that matter no clue as to the original film.
Angel you are again taking up space making a repeate of an interview you have no idea as to the extent of knowledge in the real fact of who is also involved and on the defendants side. To really show who you are you have no idea as to who is now suing who.
Show them who you really are. Did your audience catch on to your view and become bored. Take the mask off.Do note more than one person is holding tape of the original film.
At times we trust in a blind state and it put's a kink in our original kick. Do not come off as such a brillinat wanna be as after all you are using anothers words which must tire you as this on top of playing duel roles on a blog are now known.A duel copie cat is never as credible or good as an original.

Anonymous said...

Angel Charlie is probably Craig Nevius!!!!

Anonymous said...

Secret Lover, huh.

If the cause of Farrah's cancer was the Human Papilomavirus, which is the most common cause of anal cancer, you may be looking at the cause of her cancer and her death.

He's from a hicktown in Texas.

He got caught trafficking in drugs in the 1970s. He went to jail where he could easily have contracted HPV from his jailhouse buddies. He got caught drug trafficking again in the 1980s: a recidivist repeat offender. He went to jail again where he could have easily contracted HPV from his jailhouse buddies, if he didn't get it the first time.

And then Farrah has kinky sex with this guy in the 90s. Yuk.

Anonymous said...

Keith Sunde is the guy hiding behind the anonymous blog. He is known around the internet and e-bay as a pyscho who tries to police copyright infringement for Farrah. However, he has never had that authority from Farrah, me or her Lawyers. Keith Sunde and his partner Michael Quick worked for Farrah as her assistants. They were so incompetent that she fired them. They were insensitive during one of her mother's illnesses in Houston. While Farrah and I were there together in Houston they demanded their paycheck and didn't care what the situation was with her mother. Later they called her Father Jim and said they had seen things that might embarrass Farrah. They wanted $4000 to go back to Florida. Her dad said he didn't care what they had. Keith wormed his way back in with Farrah's mother bay sending her Tabloid Magazines when she was 90 years old. Keith is the CLASSY GUY at the funeral with the laminated poster. Also, Keith is with witholding Fight The Fight t- shirts and Bobby Steele photographs that belong to Farrah and the website. They are for charity.

Mother of the year said...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 10:23:00 AM PDT - Anonymous said...

Don't want anyone thinking I said that about Greg & HPV.

I don't know Greg, nor do I know enough about his life to say something like that.

I've joked that Ryan may have been the carrier.. which Ryan then said pretty much the same thing in VF.

nikki V said...

When Ryan and Lana stop feeding off of FF's dead corpse then I'll stop my ranting,do you get that anon???
Im not going anywhere and I can spend all day online if i so choose.Your not going to chase me away coward.

TEXBOY said...

ME TOO- ANON- I will gladly get my hands dirty kicking your ass.
I have no intention of leaving. You sicken me-
OK SO OBESSED ? Why dont you go read PASSIVE AGRESSIVE- You low life twist-
you want my call list- it will cost you - THE ONLY WORK I DO THAT IS DIRTY IS READ THESE READ EM & WEEP POST- By bored old people like you- JUMP WHEN I POST- SAY'S ALOT-

Anonymous said...

nikki V and Texboy, tne most deranged Uber-trolls of total insignificance on the planet.

The two people most needing to get a life and end their perverse, pathological celebrity obsessions.

They both belong in the mental ward.

Anonymous said...

I believe what he is saying because she left him money on her will for her to do that he must have been someone very special in her life. I truly believe. RIP farrah.

Anonymous said...

Say what you will, folks, but the will says it all.

Kira7 said...

NONE of YOU let Farrah rest in peace.

Kira7 said...

even still.Just moved onto different forums.

Edward said...

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