Friday, August 28, 2009

TMZ caught lying about "exclusive"

Corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com got hoist by its own stinky petard with its silly attempt to be first to post a John Mayer mugshot. Beaten to the punch by The Smoking Gun, shaved bronzed midget frontman Harvey Levin and his subliterate rent boy crew tried to make it seem otherwise by claiming credit for the "exclusive" anyway, with the help of a fraudulent timestamp on the post.

The Smoking Gun caught them, just as we did when TMZ played around with time, facts and truth in reporting on the death of Michael Jackson:

"TMZ posted the photo at 3:10 PM, with the site's customary 'EXCLUSIVE' claim. While the TMZ item carries a backdated "posted" time of 3:03 PM, a check of the item's comments section shows that the first comment was recorded at, not surprisingly, 3:10 PM, moments after the photo appeared on the gossip site... TMZ's own commenters were under no illusion as to where the photo first appeared... One reader noted, at 3:08 PM, 'Posted on TSG.' A minute later, another reported, 'The Smoking Gun has it on their Website. It was a 2001 Arrest in Georgia for speeding.'"

In an attempt to wriggle out of the mess, the TMZ tools changed the time stamp again when they posted their apology. Too late.

What scumbags.

Mayer had offered $25,000 if TMZ could find the shot. Notice the site chose animal rescue organizations rather than a group like Children of The Night, which rescues runaway teens on Santa Monica Boulevard...

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