Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cool photos from The Fest for Beatles Fans

The Fest for Beatles Fans that roared into Chicago over the weekend was not only a great prelude to the 09.09.09 release of the remastered Beatles CD collection (and for the youngsters, the Beatles RockBand game). It also showcased the first preview of the new Chris Montez biopic (from our pals at Frozen Pictures), introduced Montez and his Beatles connections to the Beatlephile crowd and was witness to great rock 'n' roll performers like Ronnie Spector, Mark & Brett Hudson, Earl Slick and the ukulele-toting former Carsman Greg Hawkes.

YouTube and Facebook are full of videos and photos from the Fest. As we got back to business, we found an excellent set of pix from Fest star Sharon Paige, who was gracious enough to allow us to post them.

Photos © Sharon Paige


Anonymous said...

Wow,great pix!

Mother of the year said...

Brett, you're looking great!

Anonymous said...

I had the best weekend of my life! Brett & Mark are SO sweet, and utterly hilarious!

Jody said...

Brett looked fantastic! What a sweetheart!