Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ryan O'Neal makes a deal for his and Farrah's junkie son to walk out of prison and into a reality television show

Father of The Year Ryan O'Neal must be hellbent on getting his and Farrah Fawcett's son Redmond off drugs and on the straight and narrow. The man who took over Farrah's cancer documentary after her health worsened, and with the help of producers from NBC Dateline turned it into a morbid soap opera in which he had a starring role, has reportedly brokered a deal for Redmond to begin filming a reality television series as soon as he's sprung from prison.

And yes, Ryan O'Neal will be a costar.

The show reportedly will chronicle 24-year-old Redmond as he struggles with addiction-- which is about all the kid has done for most of his life. Filming will supposedly begin in four months, as soon as he's released from the prison where he’s serving time for narcotics possession and bringing narcotics into a jail facility.

Ryan O'Neal, who was arrested with Redmond last September for methamphetamine possession, will be remembered for helping engineer the scene in Farrah's Story in which Redmond was brought from prison in leg shackles to visit his semi-comatose mother and climb into her deathbed with her. According to the official story, junkie Redmond is doing the reality show to honor his mother's memory.

Farrah died on June 25th at age 62.

Redmond inherited most of her estate. Supposedly, he only gets the money is he remains sober. We don't know where the money goes if he dies.


Anonymous said...

Although I enjoy reading your posts, I really feel you have been VERY INSENSITIVE towards Redmond!!

First, you keep lableling him as a JUNKIE. Although true, he has a drug probelm, you keep pushing the fact in his face, as to belittle him. Give the boy a break! He lost his mother, has Ryan O' Neal for a father, got a drug problem and on top of all this is in jail!!! Show some respect and a little sensitivity towards him!!!

Now as to the rest of this story, I had to laugh! If this is true, leave it to Ryan to keep milking Farrah to gain some fame and attention! What will he think of next??

I'm sure Alana Stewart will be co starring in all of this, as well! Why not? Keep making more money off the dead! They can't come back to sue you! LOL



Mother of the year said...

I agree with Michael; using the term junkie is uncalled for. I don't see how he's going to stay clean if he has to keep reading garbage like this.

I'm reading the Vanity Fair article; Red has enough to deal with having Ryan as a sperm donor.

Red, I know it's going to be hard dealing with losing your beloved mom when you get out. Please know that some of us believe in you and feel that if you allow yourself to know your mom is still there beside you, you will see her. Watch the show Ghost Whisperer; you'll see what I'm talking about.

I would like to see you focus on good things when you get home. There are many of us blogging that would love for you to honor your mom. Let us help you.

Angel Charlie said...

What's he (Ryan) going to call it?
Redmond's Story?

Mother of the year said...

I shudder to think of what they will call it. :(

Anonymous said...

Give tabloid baby a break! Redmond has been a junkie forever, and as such deserves every letter of the word!

Anonymous said...

Whoever you are Anonymouos ... I'm just glad you ain't GOD!!! For it seems you have no compassion nor forgivness in your soul!

A JUNKIE is only a JUNKIE if he WANTS to be. It's a habit they can BREAK, if HE or SHE wants to!

I'm rooting for Redmond and I beleive he will overcome this!


Anonymous said...

There's a story on ETonline.com dated August 26th that says rumors of a reality show are not true.

Mother of the year said...

I hope it's not true.