Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New feature: Death of The Day

We give up. 2009 has turned into the Celebrity Death Year. We submit to the Celebrity Reaper, no longer content to take them in Threes, but now scytheing them up at several a day. Ted Kennedy... Ellie Greenwich... Dominick Dunne... We realize more are going because more are out there, living longer and waiting to get the crook of the skeletal finger (as one Tabloid Baby pal explained: "We are entering the beginning of the sunset years for boomers, the largest population group in history, born during a profound media expansion. So a population expansion begets a celebrity expansion. They are dying at a faster rate simply because there are more of them. Think of what will happen when the reality TV stars start to drop en masse..."), but we're filling up too many posts with too many mentions of dead people.

So we introduce the Tabloid Baby Death of The Day. It can be found among the features in the column at the right --> We will update accordingly. Heck, at this rate, we might have to institute the Tabloid Baby Death of The Hour... Sad about Dominick, even though he did give us the "author" Mark Fuhrman...

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Anonymous said...

oh thank GOD you don't exploit celebrity death. Whew.