Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Las Vegas pharmacy raided in Jacko probe shares name with druggists indicted in steroids ring; no connections to Danny Gans

The Las Vegas pharmacy raided by federal agents as part of the investigation into Michael Jackson's doctor has the same name as an Alabama pharmacy indicted earlier this year in a steroids distribution scandal.

A spokesman with the US Drug Enforcement Administration confirmed that the two-hour raid by DEA officers and police of Applied Pharmacy Services at 6370 West Flamingo Road was related to the investigation centered on Dr. Conrad Murray-- Jackson's personal physician and the man who was with him when he died.

A law enforcement official ssaid agents uncovered evidence that Dr. Conrad Murray legally purchased the anesthetic Propofol there. It's believed Propofol contributed to Jacko's death on June 25th.

The Nevada State Board of Pharmacy took action against two of the company's pharmacists in July 2008 for failing to keep proper records.

As we have stated, Dr. Conrad Murray never treated Las Vegas entertainer Danny Gans, who died May 1st from an overdose of Dilaudid.

The Las Vegas Sun reported, and a Google check confirmed, that Applied Pharmacy Services was indicted in January along with a dozen people by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Alabama for distributing anabolic steroids in a nationwide sports drug scandal. That Applied Pharmacy Services is located in Mobile. There has been no official connection made between the two operations.

While there had been reports and much talk around Las Vegas that that Danny Gans, a former athlete as well as philanthropist and unique talent, had been a steroids user, the Las Vegas coroner refused to confirm that. Nor would he name or confirm that any other drugs were in Gans' system at the time of his death.
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