Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rumor Rat charts the decline of TMZ.com

Gotta love that Rumor Rat and the way the pack is nibbling away at the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com and its cheesy shaved bronzed midget frontman by charting its daily decline on the Most Popular Websites chart. Not only does the daily tally provoke a smile that brings to mind the old Family Circus comics, but the newcomer with rats inside every TV infotainment show it gives the sewer site a lesson in witty, literate writing with lines like these:

"Rumor Rat hears that TMZ Honcho Harvey Levin's losing so much sleep over his site's falling numbers, that he's practically on the verge of making an appointment with Dr. Conrad Murray so he can get some shut-eye.

"The latest daily website rankings are in, and TMZ continues its downward slide, checking in at #404.

"That's TMZ's first time below the "magic-400" mark since June 25th, when Levin made his luckiest managerial call ever by reporting Michael Jackson's passing several minutes before the doctors at UCLA medical center had even pronounced the singer dead."


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Mother of the year said...

Now if only Perez's site would fail too...