Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mike Darnell is the new Sheila Nevins

By the way, Fox's Octomom special was chilling, frightening, unflinching, compelling, eminently watchable television. Crafted in true verite form without narration, editorializing, bells or whistles, it was a chancy two hours of prime time that allowed viewers to judge for themselves while demonstrating clearly there were no network newsmagazine-style deals in place to make Nadya Suleman "look good." And she didn't. Neither did the TMZ-infected "paparazzi" with their cellphone cameras nor the unseen doctor who allowed it all to happen in the first place. The only ones who looked good were the producers-- including Tabloid Baby pal Doug Bruckner-- and Fox reality chief Mike Darnell. Had Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage run on HBO, it would surely be up for an Emmy. Had HBO given it a theatrical run, it would be nominated for an Oscar®.

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Mother of the year said...

Didn't watch it.
I find it hard to believe it was that good.

I do not support anything Octomom does. Even Dr Phil washed his hands of her.