Thursday, August 20, 2009

A fall encore for Danny Gans

Hours after the disturbing news that drug victim Danny Gans owned his own pharmacy comes word that the Danny Gans industry plans to carry on with the release of several new products.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal, which has given scant coverage to the details of Danny Gans untimely and unexpected death on May 1st, announces today that Gans' autobiography, The Voices In My Head, will be published in October "through Stephens Press, which is owned by the same parent company as the Review-Journal."

Gans' former manager Chip Lightman and the Gans estate also plan a fall release for a Danny Gans music CD and a "full-length video" of one of Gans' shows. The publicity claims that Gans finished recording the CD "months before he died," although his last musical CD was released in 2000.

The three posthumous products will be sold individually and also bundled in a single package.

Through their company, GansLight Entertainment, Gans and Lightman also produced the Donny and Marie Osmond show at the Flamingo on the Las Vegas Strip. Lightman has ended the partnership with the Gans estate and is now producing the Osmonds solo as Chip Lightman Entertainment. The Review-Journal notes that Gans's name will remain on the giant "building wrap" poster on the Strip because it "is cost-prohibitive to change."

Gans' close friend, beauty queen-turned-TV entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs, revealed this week that Gans' widow and children have left Las Vegas "for good" and moved back to Los Angeles.

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