Sunday, August 09, 2009

Shocking details behind the message from Olivia Newton-John's missing boyfriend Patrick McDermott

There’s a book's worth of shocking, jaw-dropping, facade-smashing evidence and allegations behind today's claim from a private eye that friends of Olivia Newton-John’s missing ex-boyfriend Patrick McDermott have reached out to say he’s alive and well in Mexico-- and wants to be left alone.

Reporter Dylan Howard, who broke the story in today's edition of The News of The World, has a far more detailed article in the new issue of Australia’s Woman’s Day magazine that contradicts much of the official version coming from newton-John's camp over the past four years and adds new detail to the story Tabloid Baby has kept alive from the day McDermott's disappearance was announced-- when our contributors were in San Pedro, California to hear a Coast Guard spokesman tell us the case was “still open.”

Howard's article, based on unseen Coast Guard interviews and other reportage, disputes two major assertions made by Newton-John's camp-- that the singer had been in Australia when McDermott vanished-- and that their relationship had broken off weeks, perhaps months earlier.

Howard contends that McDermott, who did not live with Newton-John after nine-years, visited her at her Malibu compound 24 to 72 hours before he vanished to break up the relationship. After leaving Newton-John “huddled on the couch, crying,” he returned to give his keys to the singer's personal assistant, saying, “It's too tumultuous around here.”

The article quotes private eye Philip Klein as saying he has evidence McDermott had been planning his getaway for as long as six months, and that he'd taken at least six fishing trips on the Freedom charter boat, in effect “casing" it before disappearing from it.

The article also places suspicion on McDermott's estranged wife, the actress Yvette Nipur, who allegedly made a claim on his $250,000 insurance policy 90 days after his disappearance, while striking up a close friendship with Newton-John-- “with Olivia as ambassador for Yvette's t-shirt line Be So Do So."

A scan of Tabloid Baby's archives will show there have been reported sightings of McDermott and many unanswered questions in the four years since his disappearance. The coming weeks will be crucial.

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