Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Life is sad without Farrah

The aftermath of Farrah Fawcett's death just... gets... sadder. Jezebel reports that Vanity Fair's Farrah cover story "mainly offers the definitive portrait of what a horrible partner and father Ryan O'Neal is, without getting at who Farrah really was"; Farrah's old boyfriend Greg Lott, cut off from the inner circle and left holding the bag for paid orders from the Farrah website he ran until O'Neal shut it down, is being roasted by the public relations man he'd hired to get his story out; and as our pal The Big Cheese at Hollywood's Rumor Rat tipped us while it was happening on Larry King Live, sad Griffin O'Neal has come forward again to attack his sad father.

This is where the Hollywood tragedy becomes the sordid Hollywood saga. We figure it's good reason to watch The E! True Hollywood Story premiering tomorrow night. Word is Greg Lott makes an appearance as well.


KickurAss said...

I watched Larry King last night. I think Griffin did very well. It's good for Farrah's fans to hear the truth. Griffin ought to be in Red's corner when he gets out of jail. Papa would just wreck Red's life again. GRIFFIN IS MY HERO! Its so hard to speak bad of your Pop but its a cry for help. He (Griffin) really wants Ryan to come around. Unfortunately Ryan is hellbent on destruction. So Griffin, Tatum and Redmond would do well to stay out of his way until he shows some remorse.

Anonymous said...

I think there's another side to the Griffin thing people don't know. Tatum and her father were estranged, she wrote some nasty things in a book, but she was at the funeral. An insider that commented several times on Greg Lott's HitmanPR blog and says he/she was a friend of Farrah's, says Farrah cut Griffin out of her life several years ago because she found out he was the leak to the tabloids.

Griffin and Greg Lott are said to be working together---that alone makes me wonder.

Anonymous said...

Do you do ANYTHING other than exploit celebrity death and pick on that gay blogger you so desperately want to fuck? Just wondering.

Karma’s Gonna Getcha said...

What do you expect?

Shit rolls downhill

Hey look Steve just came by
How's it going you Perez wanna be?

Anonymous said...

I believe what Griffin is saying holds some truth, BUT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why things about a famous person only gets talked about, and out in the open, AFTER the celebrity is dead! Obviously the person involved can not defend or say anything to the contrary due to the fact they do not have a voice anymore! Granted things have been said BEFORE Farrah passed, BUT it was during a time when she was at the last stages of her life, and probably didn't even know what was going on.

I am NOT saying this in defence of Ryan or Alana or Greg etc. BECAUSE I have my DOUBTS about these people. OBVIOUSLY Ryan is 'acting' or should I say 'overacting' when he is interviewed and talks about Farrah. I kind of feel embarrased for him! I mean come on ... he just squits his eyes and frowns his mouth and talks as if he is 'crying' yet no tears are ever shed! Like Brooke Sheilds during Michael Jackson's memorial concert/funeral. That was another act. I found it funny! I thought this kind of 'acting' was over in the early 60s ... you know how those old time Hollywood starlets would 'overact' in scenes ... taking breaths between every other word etc. for effect.

As for Farrah being a 'strict catholic' ... well I don't think she was that strict. I mean she divorced her husband, shacked up with another married man (Ryan), had a baby out of wedlock, posed nude etc. I am NOT JUDGING her, and I still LOVE Farrah and always will, BUT a 'strict catholic' wouldn't do these things.

I hope Griffin writes a book, as his sister did. It would make interesting reading.



Anonymous said...

I think Farrah was an angel on earth. So she wasn't perfect in our eyes. But we can't see like God can. I suspect heaven would be empty if we were the gatekeepers.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous anonymous....Farrah wasn't perfect--how boring would that have been! I loved all of her--the beauty, the quirkiness, the goofiness--it was all fun!

I just think it's so disrespectful and tacky how all these people are coming out now--they want to expose the horrible abuses done to their friend and lover. Where were they when it was going on? Why didn't they help her then--when it mattered? Too little too late, or JUST NOT TRUE. So sad.

Anonymous said...

This Dr.Miller guy sounds like a crook
He cannot even spell and now he is bad mouthing his client and in Hollywood you just don't do that.
The day Farrah died he phoned in to Fox News claiming to be Farrah's publicist.
Greg Lott needs to a new spokesman

Mother of the year said...

Michael-Europe, I said the same thing about Brooke.. how fake. I will give her speech credit though, it was beautiful. Yes, I also agree, Ryan appears to be "acting" with his face but no tears.