Monday, August 10, 2009

Outrage! Mark & Brian suck it at Disneyland

The historic, beloved Disneyland allowed the Los Angeles morning radio team Mark & Brian to host a first-ever sleepover in the Haunted Mansion and broadcast from the balcony of its Dream Suite in New Orleans Square today. Each is quite an honor and as we don't see a clear connection between the jocks' radio station and Disneylnnd's owners, we'd expect the morning deejays would take pains to give the place the respect and dignity it so deserves.

So we were taken aback, surprised and insulted when, during their daily time-killing segment in which they and their crew play a game of Trivial Pursuit, that one of the pair-- we believe it was Mark-- yelled out "Suck it!" every time he got a correct answer.

"Suck it."

The meaning of his taunting phrase was made clear last week when he urged his fellow quiz players to get on their knees in the studio, apply Chapstik and "suck it."

Disneyland is not the place for that kind of puerile, obscene behaviour. We did not hear the rest of the show, so we do not knmow what other disrespectful acts took place on the public airwaves, yet based on that segment alone, the park and the memory of its creator, Walt Disney, deserve an apology from Mark Thompson & Brian Phelps.


Anonymous said...

Are these guys gay?

Just curious

Yeah wrong place for that kinda talk guys

Now tell Mickey you’re sorry ;-(

Anonymous said...

[Disneyland is not the place for that kind of puerile, obscene behaviour.]

Of course not! That's what this blog is for!!!

What are you, 12?

AllieD said...

you're an idiot. Disney owns ABC, ABC owns KLOS, KLOS owns M&B--they only mention that just about every day they're on the air.

M&B are classic L.A. disk-jocks. i can't believe you're outraged about something they say almost every day. apparently Disney/ABC thought they were appropriate. when you own the corporations, then we'll listen to you.

Disney mom said...

I'd say Mark and Brian are the idiots and you're a brash young lady, Allie D to attack Tabloid Baby for sticking up for common Disney decency.

"SUCK IT"???

In Disneyland.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself for sticking up for that pair of over-the-hill redneck carpetbaggers with no respect for hollywood lore, no matter who signs their overinflated paychecks.

AllieD said...

"over-the-hill redneck carpetbaggers"?? seriously?

first of all, being of southern descent i find the term 'redneck' offensive. i also find it offensive that you use the term 'carpetbaggers' with no apparent concept or understanding of it's meaning. if you did know what it meant, then you wouldn't be stupid enough to use it in conjunction with the term 'redneck,' as it is exactly the opposite.

if you all don't like M&B, then fine: don't listen to them in the mornings. but it's more than obvious that Disney doesn't have a problem with them--so why should you? and frankly, "hollywood lore" is WAY over-glorified.

btw, instead of "apologizing to the memory of walt disney," maybe we should all keep in mind that he was pretty well-known for his bigotry.

so... saying, "suck it" while playing a game with friends, or being a bigot ...? hmmmm... tough decision.

Disney mom said...

noun derogatory
a political candidate who seeks election in an area where they have no local connections.

• a person perceived as an unscrupulous opportunist

Whether they're from the South or not, Mark & Brian are carpetbaggers, bringing their silly, amateurish radio show to the sophisticated Los Angeles market. Do I care that they have a civil union or were married by Mayor Newsome? Makes no difference. They have no right shouting the vile term "suck it!" in Disneyland and over the airwaves to their thousands of listeners.

Call me all the names you want, Allie D, but do not besmirch the memory of Walt Disney. History shows he was not a bigot.

Mr Disney was a wonderful man who kept the world safe for children.

Not like those lowlife dimwits you work for.

How can you defend anyone saying the term "SUCK IT" in public, ANYWHERE? Let alon a sacred place like Disneyland?

Who are you??????

AllieD said...

are you serious?

M&B are neither "political candidates" nor "unscrupulous opportunists." you posting a direct copy/paste from dictionary.com only serves to prove my point.

M&B have every right to say "suck it!" on the air, according to this little thing we call the 1st Amendment. believe me, i am not one of those people who throws around the 1st Amendment like it gives me the right to say whatever i want. justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said "the right to swing my fist ends where the other man's nose begins," and i completely agree. so as long as "suck it!" doesn't HURT anyone, they're allowed to say it. and again, obviously it's acceptable to the FCC, ABC, and Disney. if you find it offensive, then just don't listen to them--it's that simple.

as far as W. Disney is concerned, history shows exactly the opposite--he was absolutely prejudiced. he was a very well-known anti-communist and was anti-Semitic. i'm not saying he was Satan Incarnate--on the contrary, he did a lot of wonderful things for this world. but he wasn't perfect or sacred. you should read "The Magic Kingdom: Walt Disney and the American Way of Life"
by Steven Watts--maybe it'll open your eyes a little.

and as far as i'm concerned, it doesn't matter. all you need to know is that i'm an American citizen who knows what rights and limitations i have according to the Constitution; and i am not blind to the truth in history.

Disney mom said...

Allie D I cannot believe that you are spending time defending two degenerates who repeated a disgusting phrase not only over the airwaves but in the holy kingdom of Disneyland.

Spread all the hate you like, spread second-hand slander about the late Mr. Disney, and pretend you are a defender of the first amendment.

You are a sad woman. And Mark and Brian are a sad couple who find the need in their advanced age to shout "SUCK IT" in Disneyland.

What in God's name is wrong with you?

These sad sacks waste airtime playing trivial pursuit for hours on end.

How can you defend this outrage?

You must work for them, you sad, Godless husk.

Anonymous said...


Buddy said...

Suck It!

Times are changing. You Suck, can't tell you how many times that is heard in a day. You obliviously err I mean obviously don't listen to the show. Mark and Brian are pop culture. They are good ol' boys who are just having some fun, making money and living their lives. I have watched (listened) to Mark's kids grow up. He and his smoking hot whoore of a wife Linda have done an excellent job at raising their family.

If the term Suck it has you in a tither you might want to step back and look at the reak world in which your children live in. Mark and Brian bad influence, obnoxious, family unfriendly.. Whatever, these guys bust their ASSES (yes folks, Mark and Brian have been riding Donkeys ever since they lost the convertible.

Danny is an overweight Jew: Do we stop loving him because Mel Gibson has a problem with Jews?

Kelly, well sounds like she really is a whooore, but it makes her happy and I know (I think I know) she doesn't work the Disney Park for extra cash.,

Frank, what a cool dude.

Priva (sp) well they are all just family and everybody in the family needs love.

As far as gay goes.. Debbie, whom you might think is gay, just has a deep voice, a little extra testosterone and a love of life.

Stop! Please, this is the way that ignorant hate mongers try to control our thoughts and lives. I think there is an opening at the FCC for you.

I hope you can get Neal Patrick Harris kicked out of Hollywood, he likes boys and is about to have a baby. He and his long time partner are probably going to do bad things to the baby because they are homosexual. BTW, I love you Doogie!

To sum it up, I say Suck it. The reason I found this blog of Love was because I did a search for Mark and Brian Suck It~ It is a medley, written to express ones glee at beating an opponent. It really has nothing to do with sex and sucking anything.

It is a term of endearment used in a game to say you lose. Would it be more appropriate to call someone a loser? That could have long lasting mental health effects.

Some things to think about.

P.S. please fogive my grammar, I was called an idiot in school and never recovered. http://buddyvapesit.com

budweiserfrogs said...

I hate Mark and Brian. All they do is blab I wanna hear music! I mean you might as well listen to Jimmy Swaggart if you wanna hear someone talk to hear their own head rattle. I usually listen to my Ipod when the guys at work have M&B on.

Advocate said...

I can not believe this ignorance!! Those who have taken the "suck it" line out of context are again ignorant. Mark and Brian (M&B) have not only brought joy and fun to many people across the US every day for over 25 years, but the M&B Family as well as KLOS, have been nothing but humanitarians to local communities, charities, as well as helping individuals for decades. Yes I said DECADES. Sure they push the limits towards the FCC (Federal Cookie Commision) He he, Brian would be proud, but they are not "Shock Jocks" i.e. Howard Stern. These Gentlemen have raised more money for the disabled, homeless, to blood drives, (insert charity here), to giving FREE on-the-air "free-bees" to callers than any other NATIONALLY SYNDICATED show that I know of. Not only am I in the industry, but I have been listening to these two for over 20 years. Not that you need to take my word for it. However, if some "bible-thumping" group doesn't like the show, then don't listen. Sure they are racy, on the edge. More importantly they make people happy every day. Don't be haters, if you don't like, don't listen. Because I guarantee you...that their, MULTI-MILLION dollar a year contract(s) wont miss you if you don't like them. So please save your conservative religious points of view for people who give a damn about your opinion. So before you start calling people out on your pathetic ignorant views, check yourself and look at whats in your own back yard. Yup I said it and I gave it. I am not scared of you or your one-sided views of life or your narrow minded religious views. Leave M&B alone. You are just jealous oh did I mention ignorant?

Advocate said...
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John Hancock said...

i know mark and brian ...they r both drummers ya know. Great guys, fun to drink with and very talented comics. Ask them about the namemeisters, i am one of those guys